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  • Madelief

    Derived from Dutch madeliefje meaning "daisy".

  • Madelina

    Latinate form of Madeline.

  • Madeline

    English form of Magdalene.

  • Madelyn

    Variant of Madeline.

  • Madge

    Diminutive of Margaret.

  • Madhav

    Modern transcription of Madhava.

  • Madhava

    Means "vernal, of the springtime" in Sanskrit.

  • Madhavi

    Feminine form of Madhava.

  • Madhu

    From Sanskrit (madhu) meaning "sweet, honey".

  • Madhukar

    Means "bee, honey-maker" in Sanskrit.

  • Madhur

    Means "sweet" in Sanskrit.

  • Madhuri

    Means "sweetness" in Sanskrit.

  • Madilyn

    Variant of Madeline.

  • Madison

    From an English surname meaning "son of Maud ".

  • Madisyn

    Variant of Madison.

  • Madlenka

    Czech diminutive of Marie.

  • Madlyn

    Variant of Madeline.

  • Madoc

    Possibly derived from Welsh mad "fortunate" combined with a diminutive suffix.

  • Madog

    Variant of Madoc.

  • Madoline

    Variant of Madeline.

  • Madona

    Georgian form of Madonna.

  • Madonna

    From a title of the Virgin Mary meaning "my lady" in Italian.

  • Mads

    Danish short form of Mathias.

  • Madyson

    Variant of Madison.

  • Mae

    Variant of May.

  • Máedóc

    Meaning unknown.

  • Maegan

    Variant of Megan.

  • Maeghan

    Variant of Megan.

  • Mæja

    Icelandic form of Maja.

  • Mael

    Breton form of Maël.

Names 61 - 90 of 1529
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Names between Madelief and Mael that Begin with M. Madelief, Madelina, Madeline, Madelyn, Madge, Madhav, Madhava, Madhavi, Madhu, Madhukar, Madhur, Madhuri, Madilyn, Madison, Madisyn, Madlenka, Madlyn, Madoc, Madog, Madoline, Madona, Madonna, Mads, Madyson, Mae, Máedóc, Maegan, Maeghan, Mæja, Mael, Names between Madelief and Mael that Begin with M

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