Mack name - Meaning of Mack

Mack name - Meaning of Mack

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English, Medieval English, Gaelic
Mack Meaning
From a surname which was originally a shortened form of various Gaelic surnames beginning with Mac or Mc (from Gaelic mac meaning "son"). It is also used as a generic slang term for a man. Medieval short form of Magnus, brought to Britain by Scandinavian settlers. Mack originates in Gaelic languages and means "the son".

Mack Related Names
Variant:, Mac
Other Languages: Magnus, Mogens (Danish), Mauno, Manu, Maunu (Finnish), Manus (Irish), Magnus (Late Roman), Magnus (Medieval Scandinavian), Magnus (Norwegian), Magnus (Swedish)

Mack Celebrities
Mack Alston - football player, Mack Calvin - basketball player, Mack Herron - football player, Mack Jones - baseball player, Mack Stewart - baseball player, Mac Eastman - author,

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Meaning of Mack Name

Mack name meaning. The meaning, origin, popularity and detailed name information of Mack.

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