Iesha name - Meaning of Iesha

Iesha name - Meaning of Iesha

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African American (Modern), Arabic
Iesha Meaning
Variant of Aisha. It was popularized by the song 'Iesha' (1991) by Another Bad Creation. Iesha is a variant of Aisha. Aisha originates in Arabic language and means "one who is alive". In Islam, Aisha was the favourite wife of Muhammad and she played an important part in Islamic history. In the United States it was probably popularized by Aisha of Jordan, a princess and King Hussein"s wife.

Iesha Related Names
Variant:, Ieasha, Ieashah, Ieesha, Ieeshah
Other Languages: Aisha, A'isha, 'Aisha, Ayesha, Ayishah (Arabic), Ayşe (Turkish)

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Meaning of Iesha Name

Iesha name meaning. The meaning, origin, popularity and detailed name information of Iesha.

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