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  • Gennadios

    Greek form of Gennadius.

  • Gennadius

    Latinized form of the Greek name Γενναδιος (Gennadios) , which was possibly derived from Greek γενναδας (gennadas) "noble, generous".

  • Gennadiy

    Russian form of Gennadius.

  • Gennadiya

    Feminine form of Gennadiy.

  • Gennady

    Variant transcription of Gennadiy.

  • Gennarino

    Diminutive Gennaro.

  • Gennaro

    Italian form of Januarius.

  • Genovefa

    Gaulish form of Geneviève.

  • Genoveffa

    Italian form of Geneviève.

  • Genoveva

    Spanish and Portuguese form of Geneviève.

  • Genowefa

    Polish form of Geneviève.

  • Gentian

    From the name of the flowering plant called the gentian, the roots of which are used to create a tonic.

  • Gentiana

    Feminine form of Gentian.

  • Gentius

    Possibly means "to beget" in Illyrian.

  • Gentry

    Gentry is an English name with French roots.

  • Genya

    Diminutive of Gennadiy or Yevgeniy.

  • Geoff

    Short form of Geoffrey.

  • Geoffrey

    From a Norman French form of a Germanic name.

  • Geoffroi

    Medieval French form of Geoffrey.

  • Geoffroy

    French form of Geoffrey.

  • Geordie

    Diminutive of George.

  • Georg

    German form of George.

  • George

    From the Greek name Γεωργιος (Georgios) which was derived from the Greek word γεωργος (georgos) meaning "farmer, earthworker", itself derived from the elements γη (ge) "earth" and εργον (ergon) "work".

  • Georgeanna

    Variant of Georgiana.

  • Georgei

    Old Slavic form of George.

  • Georgene

    Variant of Georgine.

  • Georges

    French form of George.

  • Georgeta

    Romanian feminine form of George.

  • Georgette

    French feminine form of George.

  • Georgi

    Bulgarian form of George.

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Names between Gennadios and Georgi that Begin with G. Gennadios, Gennadius, Gennadiy, Gennadiya, Gennady, Gennarino, Gennaro, Genovefa, Genoveffa, Genoveva, Genowefa, Gentian, Gentiana, Gentius, Gentry, Genya, Geoff, Geoffrey, Geoffroi, Geoffroy, Geordie, Georg, George, Georgeanna, Georgei, Georgene, Georges, Georgeta, Georgette, Georgi, Names between Gennadios and Georgi that Begin with G

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