Genoveva name - Meaning of Genoveva

Genoveva name - Meaning of Genoveva

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Spanish, Portuguese, Germanic, Spanish
he-no-VE-vah (Spanish) , zhə-noo-VE-və (Portuguese), he-no-VE-vah/zhə-noo-VE-və
Genoveva Meaning
Spanish and Portuguese form of Geneviève. Genoveva is a Portuguese and Spanish variant of Genevieve. Genevieve originates in Germanic languages and means "leader of the tribe". It was the name of a 5th century patron saint of Paris in Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Church. In the United States, Genevieve has been fairly popular as a feminine given name.

Genoveva Related Names
Other Languages: Genovefa (Ancient Celtic), Genevieve (English), Geneviève, Ginette (French), Genoveffa (Italian), Genowefa (Polish)

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Meaning of Genoveva Name

Genoveva name meaning. The meaning, origin, popularity and detailed name information of Genoveva.

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