Gennadiya name - Meaning of Gennadiya

Gennadiya name - Meaning of Gennadiya

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Russian, Greek, Russian
gye-NAH-dee-yah, gee-NAH-dee-yah, geh-nah-DEE-yah
Gennadiya Meaning
Feminine form of Gennadiy. Gennadiya originates in Greek language and means "woman of generosity". It is a feminine form of Gennadiy. As a feminine given name it is very rare in the United States.

Gennadiya Related Names
Variant:, Genadiya, Genadia, Gennadia
Masculine Forms: Gena, Gennadi, Gennadiy, Gennady, Genya

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Meaning of Gennadiya Name

Gennadiya name meaning. The meaning, origin, popularity and detailed name information of Gennadiya.

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