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  • Garvan

    Anglicized form of Garbhán.

  • Garvey

    Garvey is a very old Irish name.

  • Garwood

    Garwood is an old Anglo-Saxon name, derived from the word “gara”, which means "spear", and “wudu”, which means "wood".

  • Garwyn

    Garwyn is an old Welsh name and literally means “white vehicle”.

  • Gary

    From an English surname which was derived from a Norman given name, which was itself originally a short form of names beginning with the Germanic element ger meaning "spear".

  • Gaspar

    Spanish and Portuguese form of Jasper, as well as the Latin form.

  • Gáspár

    Hungarian form of Jasper.

  • Gaspard

    French form of Jasper.

  • Gaspare

    Italian form of Jasper.

  • Gasparo

    Italian form of Jasper.

  • Gašper

    Slovene form of Jasper.

  • Gasto

    Old Germanic form of Gaston.

  • Gaston

    Probably from a Germanic name derived from the element gasti meaning "stranger".

  • Gathbiyya

    Variant transcription of Jathibiyya.

  • Gaubert

    French form of the Germanic name Waldobert, composed of the elements wald "rule" and beraht "bright".

  • Gaufrid

    Derived from the Germanic elements gawia "territory" and frid "peace".

  • Gauge

    Gauge is a Middle English name, derived from the Old French word “gage”, which means "measurer".

  • Gauhar

    Variant transcription of Jawahir.

  • Gauri

    Means "white" in Sanskrit.

  • Gautam

    Modern transcription of Gautama.

  • Gautama

    Variant of Gotama, or in the case of Siddhartha Gautama, a patronymic form.

  • Gautier

    French form of Walter.

  • Gautselin

    Germanic form of Jocelyn.

  • Gautstafr

    Old Norse form (possibly) of Gustav.

  • Gavin

    Medieval form of Gawain.

  • Gavino

    From the Late Latin name Gabinus which meant "of Gabium".

  • Gavrail

    Bulgarian form of Gabriel.

  • Gavrel

    Yiddish form of Gabriel.

  • Gavriel

    Hebrew form of Gabriel.

  • Gavri'el

    Hebrew form of Gabriel.

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Names between Garvan and Gavri'el that Begin with G. Garvan, Garvey, Garwood, Garwyn, Gary, Gaspar, Gáspár, Gaspard, Gaspare, Gasparo, Gašper, Gasto, Gaston, Gathbiyya, Gaubert, Gaufrid, Gauge, Gauhar, Gauri, Gautam, Gautama, Gautier, Gautselin, Gautstafr, Gavin, Gavino, Gavrail, Gavrel, Gavriel, Gavri'el, Names between Garvan and Gavri'el that Begin with G

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