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  • Geertje

    Diminutive of Geertruida.

  • Geertruida

    Dutch form of Gertrude.

  • Geevarghese

    Malayalam form of George.

  • Gefen

    Gefen is a Hebrew name and means “vine”.

  • Geffrey

    Variant of Geoffrey.

  • Geghard

    Means "lance, spear" in Armenian.

  • Geir

    Derived from the Old Norse element geirr meaning "spear".

  • Geirr

    Old Norse form of Geir.

  • Gellert

    Gellert is a Hungarian variant of Gerard.

  • Gellért

    Hungarian form of Gerard.

  • Geltrude

    Italian form of Gertrude.

  • Gema

    Spanish form of Gemma.

  • Gemariah

    Means " Yahweh has accomplished" in Hebrew.

  • Gemaryahu

    Hebrew form of Gemariah.

  • Gemini

    Means "twins" in Latin.

  • Gemma

    Medieval Italian nickname meaning "gem, precious stone".

  • Gena

    Variant of Gina.

  • Genadi

    Bulgarian and Georgian form of Gennadius.

  • Gene

    Short form of Eugene.

  • Genesis

    Means "birth" in Greek.

  • Genette

    Variant of Jeanette.

  • Geneva

    Possibly a shortened form of Genevieve.

  • Genevieve

    English form of Geneviève.

  • Geneviève

    From Genovefa, a Gaulish name possibly meaning "tribe woman".

  • Genevra

    Variant of Ginevra.

  • Genghis

    From the title Genghis (or Chinggis) Khan, meaning "universal ruler", which was adopted by the Mongolian leader Temujin in the late 12th century.

  • Genie

    Diminutive of Eugenia.

  • Geniinewab

    Geniinewab is another version of the name Kaneenawup.

  • Genista

    From the Latin name of the broom plant.

  • Gennadi

    Variant transcription of Gennadiy.

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Names between Geertje and Gennadi that Begin with G. Geertje, Geertruida, Geevarghese, Gefen, Geffrey, Geghard, Geir, Geirr, Gellert, Gellért, Geltrude, Gema, Gemariah, Gemaryahu, Gemini, Gemma, Gena, Genadi, Gene, Genesis, Genette, Geneva, Genevieve, Geneviève, Genevra, Genghis, Genie, Geniinewab, Genista, Gennadi, Names between Geertje and Gennadi that Begin with G

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