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  • Gaenor

    Welsh variant of Gaynor.

  • Gaetan

    Gaetan is a French variant of Gaetano.

  • Gaétan

    French form of Caietanus (see Gaetano).

  • Gaëtan

    French form of Caietanus (see Gaetano).

  • Gaetana

    Feminine form of Gaetano.

  • Gaetane

    French feminine form of Caietanus (see Gaetano).

  • Gaetano

    Italian form of the Latin name Caietanus, which meant "from Caieta".

  • Gafar

    Variant transcription of Jafar.

  • Gage

    From an English surname meaning "measure" in Middle English, originally denoting one who was an assayer.

  • Gahariet

    Medieval French form of Gareth.

  • Gaia

    From the Greek word γαια (gaia) , a parallel form of γη (ge) meaning "earth".

  • Gaiana

    Latinized form of the Greek name Γαιανη (Gaiane) , a derivative of Gaia.

  • Gaiane

    Greek form of Gaiana.

  • Gaidar

    Gaidar is a Slavic name which means "rejoice".

  • Gaige

    Gaige is a variant of Gage.

  • Gail

    Short form of Abigail.

  • Gaila

    Elaborated form of Gail.

  • Gaincarlo

    Gaincarlo is derived from Carlo, itself an Italian variant of Charles.

  • Gaines

    Gaines is an English name that comes from the Old French word "engaingne", itself derived from the Latin word "ingania", which means "ingenuity".

  • Gainor

    Gainor is an English name with Ancient Celtic origins.

  • Gaios

    Greek form of Gaius.

  • Gaioz

    Georgian form of Gaius.

  • Gaius

    Roman praenomen, or given name, which is of Etruscan origin, meaning unknown.

  • Gaizka

    Means "saviour" in Basque.

  • Gaja

    Means "glad" in Esperanto.

  • Gal

    Means "wave" in Hebrew.

  • Gala

    Short form of Galina.

  • Galadriel

    Means "maiden crowned with a radiant garland" in Sindarin.

  • Galahad

    Meaning unknown.

  • Galal

    Variant transcription of Jalal.

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Names between Gaenor and Galal that Begin with G. Gaenor, Gaetan, Gaétan, Gaëtan, Gaetana, Gaetane, Gaetano, Gafar, Gage, Gahariet, Gaia, Gaiana, Gaiane, Gaidar, Gaige, Gail, Gaila, Gaincarlo, Gaines, Gainor, Gaios, Gaioz, Gaius, Gaizka, Gaja, Gal, Gala, Galadriel, Galahad, Galal, Names between Gaenor and Galal that Begin with G

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