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  • Félicie

    French form of Felicia.

  • Félicien

    French form of Felicianus (see Feliciano).

  • Félicienne

    French feminine form of Felicianus (see Feliciano).

  • Felìcita

    Italian form of Felicitas.

  • Felicitas

    Late Latin name which meant "good luck, fortune".

  • Felicitás

    Hungarian form of Felicitas.

  • Félicité

    French form of Felicitas.

  • Felicity

    From the English word felicity meaning "happiness", which ultimately derives from Latin felicitas "good luck".

  • Felicius

    Masculine form of Felicia.

  • Felicja

    Polish form of Felicia.

  • Felicjan

    Polish form of Felicianus (see Feliciano).

  • Felicyta

    Polish form of Felicitas.

  • Feliks

    Russian, Slovene and Polish form of Felix.

  • Felim

    Anglicized form of Feidhlim.

  • Felina

    Feminine form of Felinus.

  • Feline

    Dutch feminine form of Felinus.

  • Felinus

    Late Latin name meaning "cat-like".

  • Felip

    Catalan form of Philip.

  • Felipa

    Spanish feminine form of Philip.

  • Felipe

    Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese form of Philip.

  • Felipinho

    Portuguese diminutive of Felipe.

  • Feliu

    Catalan form of Felix.

  • Felix

    From a Roman cognomen meaning "lucky, successful" in Latin.

  • Félix

    French, Spanish and Portuguese form of Felix.

  • Felizitas

    German variant of Felicitas.

  • Fell

    Fell originates in Old Norse and is derived from the Scandinavian word "fjall", the word to describe "anyone who lives on top of a mountain".

  • Felman

    Felman is an anglicized version of Fell.

  • Felton

    Felton is an Anglo-Saxon name, derived from the Old English words "feld", which means "pasture or open country", and "tun" which means "enclosure or settlement".

  • Femi

    Short form of Olufemi.

  • Femie

    Diminutive of Euphemia.

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Names between Félicie and Femie that Begin with F. Félicie, Félicien, Félicienne, Felìcita, Felicitas, Felicitás, Félicité, Felicity, Felicius, Felicja, Felicjan, Felicyta, Feliks, Felim, Felina, Feline, Felinus, Felip, Felipa, Felipe, Felipinho, Feliu, Felix, Félix, Felizitas, Fell, Felman, Felton, Femi, Femie, Names between Félicie and Femie that Begin with F

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