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  • Faustine

    French feminine form of Faustinus (see Faustino).

  • Faustino

    Spanish, Italian and Portuguese form of the Roman cognomen Faustinus, which was itself derived from the Roman name Faustus.

  • Faustinus

    Latin form of Faustino.

  • Fausto

    Italian, Spanish and Portuguese form of Faustus.

  • Faustus

    Roman cognomen meaning "auspicious, lucky" in Latin.

  • Fawcett

    Fawcett is an Anglo-Saxon name, derived from the Old English "fag" or "fah", which means "brightly colored or flowery", and "sete", which means "house or settlement".

  • Fawn

    From the English word fawn for a young deer.

  • Fawzi

    Means "triumph" in Arabic.

  • Fawziya

    Variant transcription of Fawziyya.

  • Fawziyya

    Feminine form of Fawzi.

  • Fay

    Derived from Middle English faie meaning "fairy".

  • Faye

    Variant of Fay.

  • Fayez

    Fayez originates in Arabic language and means "victorious".

  • Fayiz

    Means "victor" in Arabic.

  • Fayruz

    Means "turquoise (the gemstone) " in Arabic, ultimately of Persian origin.

  • Faysal

    Means "a judge, arbiter" in Arabic.

  • Fayvel

    Variant transcription of Feivel.

  • Fayyaad

    Fayyaad is a name of Arabic origins.

  • Fayza

    Variant transcription of Faiza.

  • Fazil

    Fazil is a name of Arabic origins.

  • Fazl

    (Fadl) - Variant transcription of Fadl.

  • Fearchar

    Means "dear man" from Gaelic fear "man" and char "dear".

  • Feardorcha

    Means "dark man" from Gaelic fear "man" and dorcha "dark".

  • Fearghal

    Means "man of valour", derived from the Gaelic elements fear "man" and gal "valour".

  • Fearghas

    Means "man of vigour", derived from the Gaelic elements fear "man" and gus "vigour".

  • Febe

    Dutch, Spanish and Italian form of Phoebe.

  • Fechín

    Means "little raven" from Irish fiach "raven" combined with a diminutive suffix.

  • Fedde

    Short form of Frisian names beginning with the Germanic element frid "peace".

  • Fedele

    Italian form of Fidel.

  • Fedelm

    Variant of Feidelm.

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Names between Faustine and Fedelm that Begin with F. Faustine, Faustino, Faustinus, Fausto, Faustus, Fawcett, Fawn, Fawzi, Fawziya, Fawziyya, Fay, Faye, Fayez, Fayiz, Fayruz, Faysal, Fayvel, Fayyaad, Fayza, Fazil, Fazl, Fearchar, Feardorcha, Fearghal, Fearghas, Febe, Fechín, Fedde, Fedele, Fedelm, Names between Faustine and Fedelm that Begin with F

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