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  • Ferguson

    Ferguson is an Irish and Scottish name, derived from the Old Gaelic name "Fearghus", made up of two words - "fear", which means "man", and "ghus", which means "vigor or force".

  • Feri

    Diminutive of Ferenc.

  • Feridun

    Turkish form of Fereydoun.

  • Feriha

    Feriha originates in Turkish language and it means "joyous woman".

  • Ferit

    Means "unique" in Turkish.

  • Ferko

    Ferko is a diminutive of Ferenc, itself a Hungarian variant of Francis.

  • Ferkó

    Diminutive of Ferenc.

  • Fermin

    Basque form of Firmin.

  • Fermín

    Spanish form of Firmin.

  • Fermintxo

    Basque diminutive of Firmin.

  • Fern

    From the English word for the plant, ultimately from Old English fearn.

  • Fernand

    French form of Ferdinand.

  • Fernanda

    Spanish, Portuguese and Italian feminine form of Ferdinand.

  • Fernande

    French feminine form of Ferdinand.

  • Fernando

    Spanish and Portuguese form of Ferdinand.

  • Fernao

    Fernao is a Portuguese variant of Ferdinand.

  • Fernão

    Portuguese form of Ferdinand.

  • Ferne

    Variant of Fern.

  • Feroz

    Urdu form of Firuz.

  • Feroze

    Variant transcription of Feroz.

  • Ferran

    Catalan form of Ferdinand.

  • Ferrer

    From a surname which meant "blacksmith" in Catalan.

  • Ferris

    Ferris is an anglicized form of the Irish name "Fergus", itself derived from two words - "fear", which means "man", and "ghus", which means "vigor or force".

  • Ferruccio

    Derived from the Late Latin name Ferrutius, a derivative of ferrum meaning "iron, sword".

  • Ferrutius

    Latin form of Ferruccio.

  • Feruza

    Uzbek form of Firuzeh.

  • Fester

    Low German short form of Silvester.

  • Festus

    Roman cognomen which possibly meant "festival, holiday" in Latin.

  • Ffion

    Means "foxglove" in Welsh.

  • Fflur

    Welsh form of Flora.

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Names between Ferguson and Fflur that Begin with F. Ferguson, Feri, Feridun, Feriha, Ferit, Ferko, Ferkó, Fermin, Fermín, Fermintxo, Fern, Fernand, Fernanda, Fernande, Fernando, Fernao, Fernão, Ferne, Feroz, Feroze, Ferran, Ferrer, Ferris, Ferruccio, Ferrutius, Feruza, Fester, Festus, Ffion, Fflur, Names between Ferguson and Fflur that Begin with F

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