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  • Falk

    Means "falcon" in German and Yiddish.

  • Falkner

    Falkner is an English name of Old French origins.

  • Fallon

    From an Irish surname which was derived from Ó Fallamhain meaning "descendent of Fallamhan".

  • Fan

    Fan originates in Chinese language and means "lethal".

  • Fancy

    From the English word fancy which means either "like, love, inclination" or "ornamental".

  • Fane

    Diminutive of ȘTefan.

  • Fang

    Fang originates in Chinese language and means "pleasant-smelling".

  • Fannar

    Possibly derived from Old Norse fönn meaning "snow drift".

  • Fanni

    Finnish diminutive of Francisca and a Hungarian diminutive of Franciska or Stefánia.

  • Fannie

    Variant of Fanny.

  • Fanny

    Diminutive of Frances.

  • Fantine

    This name was used by Victor Hugo for the mother of Cosette in his novel 'Les Misérables' (1862).

  • Faolan

    Faolan is an Irish name, derived from the Gaelic word "faol", which means "wolf", along with the diminutive suffix "an".

  • Faolán

    Means "little wolf", derived from Gaelic fáel "wolf" combined with a diminutive suffix.

  • Farag

    Variant transcription of Faraj.

  • Farah

    Means "joy" in Arabic.

  • Farai

    Means "rejoice" in Shona.

  • Faraj

    Means "remedy" or "improvement" in Arabic.

  • Faraji

    Means "consolation" in Swahili.

  • Faramond

    Variant of Faramund.

  • Faramund

    Derived from the Germanic elements fara "journey" and mund "protection".

  • Fareed

    Variant transcription of Farid.

  • Fargo

    Fargo is a variant of the name Vargo, derived from the name "Varga", an occupational name meaning "cobbler or shoe maker".

  • Farid

    Means "unique, precious", derived from Arabic (farada) "to be unique".

  • Farida

    Feminine form of Farid.

  • Faridoon

    Variant transcription of Fereydoun.

  • Fariha

    Means "happy" in Arabic.

  • Faris

    Means "knight" in Arabic.

  • Farley

    From a surname which was originally from a place name meaning "fern clearing" in Old English.

  • Farnham

    Farnham is an English name of Medieval origin, derived from the Old English words "fearn", which means "fern", and "hamm", which means "low lying area like a meadow".

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Names between Falk and Farnham that Begin with F. Falk, Falkner, Fallon, Fan, Fancy, Fane, Fang, Fannar, Fanni, Fannie, Fanny, Fantine, Faolan, Faolán, Farag, Farah, Farai, Faraj, Faraji, Faramond, Faramund, Fareed, Fargo, Farid, Farida, Faridoon, Fariha, Faris, Farley, Farnham, Names between Falk and Farnham that Begin with F

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