Felicity name - Meaning of Felicity

Felicity name - Meaning of Felicity

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English, Latin
Felicity Meaning
From the English word felicity meaning "happiness", which ultimately derives from Latin felicitas "good luck". This was one of the virtue names adopted by the Puritans around the 17th century. It can sometimes be used as an English form of the Latin name Felicitas. This name was revived in the late 1990s after the appearance of the television series 'Felicity'. Felicity originates in Latin language and means "filled with happiness". Felicity was the name of a 2nd century Christian saint. As a feminine given name it has been fairly popular in the United States, but gained even more popularity in the United Kingdom. It was popularized by the name of a 1998 TV show and also the name of the main character, Felicity.

Felicity Related Names
Variant:, Felicitas, Felicidad, Felice, Felicitee, Flick
Diminutive: Flick

Felicity Celebrities
Felicity Huffman - actress, Felicity Brewis-Pawellek - actress, Felicity Kendal - actress,

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Meaning of Felicity Name

Felicity name meaning. The meaning, origin, popularity and detailed name information of Felicity.

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