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  • Femke

    Diminutive of Germanic names beginning with the element frid "peace".

  • Femme

    Diminutive of Germanic names beginning with the element frid "peace".

  • Fen

    Means "fragrance" in Chinese.

  • Fenella

    Anglicized form of Fionnuala.

  • Feng

    Feng originates in Chinese language and means "summit".

  • Fenna

    Feminine form of Fen.

  • Fenton

    From a surname which was originally taken from a place name meaning "marsh town" in Old English.

  • Feodor

    Variant of Fyodor.

  • Feodora

    Russian form of Theodora.

  • Feodosiy

    Russian form of Theodosius.

  • Feofan

    Russian form of Theophanes.

  • Feofil

    Russian form of Theophilus.

  • Feofilakt

    Russian form of Theophylaktos.

  • Ferapont

    Russian form of Therapon.

  • Feray

    Means "radiance of the moon" in Turkish.

  • Ferdi

    Short form of Ferdinand.

  • Ferdie

    Diminutive of Ferdinand.

  • Ferdinand

    From Ferdinando, the old Spanish form of a Germanic name composed of the elements farði "journey" and nanð "daring, brave".

  • Ferdinánd

    Hungarian form of Ferdinand.

  • Ferdinanda

    Feminine form of Ferdinand.

  • Ferdinando

    Italian form of Ferdinand.

  • Ferdy

    Diminutive of Ferdinand.

  • Ferdynand

    Polish form of Ferdinand.

  • Ferenc

    Hungarian form of Francis.

  • Fereshteh

    Means "angel" in Persian.

  • Fereydoon

    Variant transcription of Fereydoun.

  • Fereydoun

    Means "the third" in Persian.

  • Fergal

    Anglicized form of Fearghal.

  • Fergie

    Diminutive and feminine form of Fergus.

  • Fergus

    Anglicized form of Fearghas.

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Names between Femke and Fergus that Begin with F. Femke, Femme, Fen, Fenella, Feng, Fenna, Fenton, Feodor, Feodora, Feodosiy, Feofan, Feofil, Feofilakt, Ferapont, Feray, Ferdi, Ferdie, Ferdinand, Ferdinánd, Ferdinanda, Ferdinando, Ferdy, Ferdynand, Ferenc, Fereshteh, Fereydoon, Fereydoun, Fergal, Fergie, Fergus, Names between Femke and Fergus that Begin with F

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