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  • Fedelma

    Latinized form of Feidelm.

  • Fedelmid

    Variant of Feidlimid.

  • Federica

    Italian feminine form of Frederick.

  • Federico

    Spanish and Italian form of Frederick.

  • Federigo

    Archaic Italian form of Frederick.

  • Fedir

    Ukrainian form of Theodore.

  • Fedlimid

    Variant of Feidlimid.

  • Fedor

    Variant of Fyodor.

  • Fedora

    Russian form of Theodora.

  • Fedot

    Russian form of Theodotus.

  • Fedya

    Diminutive of Fyodor.

  • Feibush

    Yiddish form of Phoebus.

  • Feichín

    Variant of Fechín.

  • Feidelm

    Possibly a feminine form of Feidlimid.

  • Feidhelm

    Variant of Feidelm.

  • Feidhlim

    Variant of Feidlimid.

  • Feidhlimidh

    Variant of Feidlimid.

  • Feidlimid

    Possibly means "beauty" or "ever good" in Irish Gaelic.

  • Feige

    Variant transcription of Faiga.

  • Feisal

    Feisal is an Arabic name, a different version of the Arabic name "Faisal", which means "judge or arbiter".

  • Feivel

    Diminutive of Feibush.

  • Felice

    Italian form of Felix.

  • Felicia

    Feminine form of the Latin name Felicius, a derivative of Felix.

  • Felícia

    Hungarian and Portuguese form of Felicia.

  • Feliciana

    Feminine form of Felicianus (see Feliciano).

  • Feliciano

    Italian, Spanish and Portuguese form of the Roman name Felicianus, which was itself derived from the Roman name Felix.

  • Felicianus

    Original Latin form of Feliciano.

  • Felicidad

    Spanish form of Felicitas.

  • Felicidade

    Portuguese form of Felicitas.

  • Felicie

    German form of Felicia.

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Names between Fedelma and Felicie that Begin with F. Fedelma, Fedelmid, Federica, Federico, Federigo, Fedir, Fedlimid, Fedor, Fedora, Fedot, Fedya, Feibush, Feichín, Feidelm, Feidhelm, Feidhlim, Feidhlimidh, Feidlimid, Feige, Feisal, Feivel, Felice, Felicia, Felícia, Feliciana, Feliciano, Felicianus, Felicidad, Felicidade, Felicie, Names between Fedelma and Felicie that Begin with F

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