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  • Baldomar

    Old Germanic form of Baldomero.

  • Baldomero

    Derived from the Germanic elements bald "bold, brave" and meri "famous".

  • Baldovin

    Old Germanic form of Baldwin.

  • Baldovino

    Italian form of Baldwin.

  • Baldr

    Old Norse form of Balder.

  • Baldric

    Derived from the Germanic elements bald "bold, brave" and ric "power, rule".

  • Baldrick

    Baldrick is an old English name that is derived from the Germanic words "bald" which means "bold or brave", and "rick" which means "ruler or king".

  • Balduino

    Spanish form of Baldwin.

  • Balduíno

    Portuguese form of Baldwin.

  • Baldur

    German and Icelandic form of Balder.

  • Baldwin

    Derived from the Germanic elements bald "bold, brave" and win "friend".

  • Bale

    Bale is a derivative of the Old French "baile", which is the "outermost wall of a castle".

  • Balendin

    Basque form of Valentinus (see Valentine).

  • Balfour

    From a Scottish surname, originally from various place names, which meant "village pasture" in Gaelic.

  • Balint

    Balint is a Hungarian variant of Valentine.

  • Bálint

    Hungarian form of Valentinus (see Valentine).

  • Ballard

    Ballard started out as a nickname and is derived from the Middle English "balle" which means "a hairless patch on the skull".

  • Baltasar

    Spanish form of Baltazar.

  • Baltassar

    Form of Belshazzar used in the Latin Old Testament.

  • Baltazar

    Variant of Balthazar.

  • Balthasar

    Latin form of Balthazar.

  • Balthazar

    Variant of Belshazzar.

  • Balzac

    Balzac is a French name that is closely related to Balsan and Balssa.

  • Bambang

    Means "knight" in Javanese.

  • Bambi

    Derived from Italian bambina meaning "young girl".

  • Bamidele

    Means "follow me home" in Yoruba.

  • Bancroft

    Bancroft is believed to be a place name from a village that is no more in existence.

  • Bandi

    Diminutive of András.

  • Banks

    The name Banks is a very old name and is derived from the Old Danish "banke" which means a "ridge or hillside".

  • Banu

    Means "lady" in Persian.

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Names between Baldomar and Banu that Begin with B. Baldomar, Baldomero, Baldovin, Baldovino, Baldr, Baldric, Baldrick, Balduino, Balduíno, Baldur, Baldwin, Bale, Balendin, Balfour, Balint, Bálint, Ballard, Baltasar, Baltassar, Baltazar, Balthasar, Balthazar, Balzac, Bambang, Bambi, Bamidele, Bancroft, Bandi, Banks, Banu, Names between Baldomar and Banu that Begin with B

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