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  • Baadur

    Georgian form of Bahadur.

  • Baako

    Means "first born child" in Akan.

  • Baal

    Variant spelling of Ba'al.

  • Ba'al

    Derived from Semitic ba'al meaning "lord" or "possessor".

  • Babajide

    Means "father has returned" in Yoruba.

  • Babak

    Means "little father" in Persian.

  • Babar

    Variant transcription of Babur.

  • Babatunde

    Means "father has returned" in Yoruba.

  • Baber

    Variant transcription of Babur.

  • Babette

    French diminutive of Elizabeth.

  • Babirye

    Means "first of twins" in Luganda.

  • Babs

    Diminutive of Barbara.

  • Babur

    Means "lion, tiger" in Urdu, ultimately of Persian origin.

  • Baby

    Baby originates in English language and is taken from the word for an infant human.

  • Bacchus

    From Greek Βακχος (Bakchos) , derived from ιαχο (iacho) meaning "to shout".

  • Bach

    Bach is a very old Anglo-Saxon name, derived from the even older Germanic “bah” or “baecc”, which means "living or working beside a stream".

  • Bacon

    Bacon is a Middle English name that is derived from the Old French "bacun", which means "a person who sells pork products".

  • Badr

    Means "full moon" in Arabic.

  • Badri

    Georgian form of Badr.

  • Baer

    Short form of Albaer and other Limburgish names ending in baer, often derived from the Germanic element beraht meaning "bright".

  • Bagadata

    Old Persian name derived from baga "god" and data "given".

  • Bagrat

    Armenian and Georgian form of Bagadata.

  • Baha

    Means "splendour, glory" in Arabic.

  • Bahadir

    Turkish form of Bahadur.

  • Bahadur

    Persian form of the Turkic term Baghatur meaning "hero, warrior, brave".

  • Bahar

    Means "spring" in Persian.

  • Bahargül

    Derived from Turkmen bahar "spring" and gül "flower, rose".

  • Bahiga

    Variant transcription of Bahija.

  • Bahij

    Masculine form of Bahija.

  • Bahija

    Means "happy" in Arabic.

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Names that Begin with B. Baadur, Baako, Baal, Ba'al, Babajide, Babak, Babar, Babatunde, Baber, Babette, Babirye, Babs, Babur, Baby, Bacchus, Bach, Bacon, Badr, Badri, Baer, Bagadata, Bagrat, Baha, Bahadir, Bahadur, Bahar, Bahargül, Bahiga, Bahij, Bahija, Names that Begin with B

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