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  • Bartholomei

    Old Slavic form of Bartholomew.

  • Bartholomeus

    Dutch and Latin form of Bartholomew.

  • Bartholomew

    From Βαρθολομαιος (Bartholomaios) , which was the Greek form of an Aramaic name meaning "son of Talmai ".

  • Bartlett

    Bartlett is a variant of Bart.

  • Bartley

    Bartley is an Old English name that is a combination of two words, “beorc” which means "birch" and “leah” which means "wood or forest".

  • Bartlomiej

    Polish form of Bartholomew.

  • Bartol

    Croatian form of Bartholomew.

  • Bartolo

    Bartolo is a Spanish name that means "son of a plough man, or son of a farmer".

  • Bartolomé

    Spanish form of Bartholomew.

  • Bartolomej

    Czech form of Bartholomew.

  • Bartolomeo

    Italian form of Bartholomew.

  • Bartolomeu

    Portuguese and Galician form of Bartholomew.

  • Bartomeu

    Catalan form of Bartholomew.

  • Barton

    Barton is an old Anglo-Saxon name that is a combination of the Old English “bere” which means "barley" and “tun” which means a "town or settlement".

  • Bartosz

    Polish form of Bartholomew.

  • Baruch

    Means "blessed" in Hebrew.

  • Barukh

    Hebrew form of Baruch.

  • Barwick

    Barwick is a very old name and is actually a locational name or place name for people coming from an outlying corn farm.

  • Barwyn

    Barwyn is a Welsh name that is middling in terms of popularity.

  • Bas

    Short form of Sebastiaan.

  • Basajaun

    Means "lord of the woods" from Basque baso "woods" and jaun "lord".

  • Basak

    Means "wheat" in Turkish.

  • Basant

    Bengali form of Vasanta.

  • Basemath

    Means "fragrance" in Hebrew.

  • Basemmath

    Form of Basemath and Basmath used in the Greek Old Testament.

  • Bashe

    Diminutive of Batyah.

  • Bashemath

    Variant of Basemath.

  • Bashkim

    Means "unity" in Albanian.

  • Basia

    Polish diminutive of Barbara.

  • Basil

    From the Greek name Βασιλειος (Basileios) which was derived from βασιλευς (basileus) meaning "king".

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Names between Bartholomei and Basil that Begin with B. Bartholomei, Bartholomeus, Bartholomew, Bartlett, Bartley, Bartlomiej, Bartol, Bartolo, Bartolomé, Bartolomej, Bartolomeo, Bartolomeu, Bartomeu, Barton, Bartosz, Baruch, Barukh, Barwick, Barwyn, Bas, Basajaun, Basak, Basant, Basemath, Basemmath, Bashe, Bashemath, Bashkim, Basia, Basil, Names between Bartholomei and Basil that Begin with B

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