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  • Behnam

    Means "reputable" (literally "good name") in Persian.

  • Behram

    Turkish form of Bahram.

  • Behrooz

    Means "fortunate" (literally "good day") in Persian.

  • Behrouz

    Variant transcription of Behrooz.

  • Behruz

    Variant transcription of Behrooz.

  • Béibhinn

    Modern form of Bébinn.

  • Beileag

    Diminutive of Iseabail.

  • Beitris

    Scottish form of Beatrice.

  • Bekki

    Diminutive of Rebecca.

  • Bela

    Derived from an old Slavic word meaning "white".

  • Béla

    The meaning of this name is not known for certain.

  • Belen

    Belen originates in Hebrew language and is taken from the Spanish form of Bethlehem, ultimately meaning "house filled with bread".

  • Belén

    Spanish form of Bethlehem, the name of the town in Judah where King David and Jesus were born.

  • Belenos

    Variant of Belenus.

  • Belenus

    Probably from a Celtic word meaning "bright, brilliant".

  • Belgin

    Belgin originates in Turkish language and it means "pure".

  • Beli

    Probably a Welsh derivative of Belenus.

  • Belial

    Means "worthless" in Hebrew.

  • Belinda

    The meaning of this name is not known for certain.

  • Belinha

    Portuguese diminutive of Isabel.

  • Bella

    Short form of Isabella and other names ending in bella.

  • Bellatrix

    Means "female warrior" in Latin.

  • Belle

    Short form of Isabella or names ending in belle.

  • Bellona

    Derived from Latin bellare meaning "to fight".

  • Belmont

    Belmont is a French name and is derived from the two words,"beu" which means "beautiful or lovely", and "mont", which means "a hill".

  • Belphoebe

    Combination of belle "beautiful" and the name Phoebe.

  • Bel-Sarra-Usur

    Akkadian form of Belshazzar.

  • Belshatzzar

    Form of Belshazzar found in the Hebrew Bible.

  • Belshazzar

    From (Belshatzzar) , the Hebrew form of the Akkadian name Bel-sarra-usur meaning " Ba'al protect the king".

  • Belton

    Belton is a very old name and is derived from two words, the Old Norse "bil" or "bae" which means an "inter space or a piece of dry land in fenny country", and the Old English "tun" which means "farm".

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Names between Behnam and Belton that Begin with B. Behnam, Behram, Behrooz, Behrouz, Behruz, Béibhinn, Beileag, Beitris, Bekki, Bela, Béla, Belen, Belén, Belenos, Belenus, Belgin, Beli, Belial, Belinda, Belinha, Bella, Bellatrix, Belle, Bellona, Belmont, Belphoebe, Bel-Sarra-Usur, Belshatzzar, Belshazzar, Belton, Names between Behnam and Belton that Begin with B

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