Balendin name - Meaning of Balendin

Balendin name - Meaning of Balendin

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Basque, Latin
Balendin Meaning
Basque form of Valentinus (see Valentine). Balendin is of Latin origin and means "very strong physically". There are certain sources that say the meaning is “as strong as a bear” but their accuracy is not known.

Balendin Related Names
Other Languages: Valentinus (Ancient Roman), Valentin (Bulgarian), Valentin, Tin, Valent (Croatian), Valentin (Czech), Valentin (Danish), Valentijn (Dutch), Valentine, Val (English), Valentin (French), Valentin (German), Bálint (Hungarian), Valentino, Tino (Italian), Valentin (Macedonian), Valentin (Norwegian), Walenty (Polish), Valentin, Vali (Romanian), Valentin (Russian), Ualan (Scottish), Valentín (Slovak), Valentin, Tine, Tinek (Slovene), Valentín (Spanish), Valentin (Swedish), Valentyn (Ukrainian), Folant (Welsh)

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Meaning of Balendin Name

Balendin name meaning. The meaning, origin, popularity and detailed name information of Balendin.

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