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  • Barlaam

    Meaning unknown.

  • Barlow

    Barlow is a very old English name that derives its name from the Old English Berlawe, a compound of two Old English words - “bere”, which was "barley", and “leag” which means "clearing".

  • Barna

    Hungarian short form of Barnabas.

  • Barnabas

    Greek form of an Aramaic name.

  • Barnabás

    Hungarian form of Barnabas.

  • Barnabé

    French form of Barnabas.

  • Barnaby

    Medieval English form of Barnabas.

  • Barnat

    Barnat is a Hungarian variant of Bernard.

  • Barnes

    Barnes could have two meanings depending on what it is derived from.

  • Barnett

    Barnett is a very old English name, derived from the Old English “baernet” which literally meant “a person who lived where land had been cleared by fire”.

  • Barney

    Diminutive of Barnabas, Bernard or Barnaby.

  • Baron

    Baron is derived from the Old French “barun” which was a title that was given to civil officials.

  • Barra

    Variant of Bairre.

  • Barret

    From a surname which was a variant of Barrett.

  • Barrett

    From a surname meaning "dispute" in Middle English, originally given to a quarrelsome person.

  • Barrfhionn

    Means "fair hair", derived from Gaelic barr "head" and fionn "white, fair".

  • Barrfind

    Older form of Barrfhionn.

  • Barrick

    Barrick is a place name which was taken on by people as identification for where they were from.

  • Barrie

    Variant of Barry.

  • Barrington

    Barrington is an Old English name that is a compound of three words, “bara” which was the nickname for a very troublesome person, “ing” which means tribe, and “ton” which means "settlement".

  • Barris

    Barris is a Welsh name that means “son of Barry”.

  • Barrow

    Barrow is a locational name that was taken by people from a certain locality to identify themselves with the place of their birth.

  • Barry

    Anglicized form of Bairre.

  • Bart

    Short form of Bartholomew.

  • Bartal

    Hungarian form of Bartholomew.

  • Bartek

    Polish diminutive of Bartlomiej or Bartosz.

  • Bartel

    Dutch diminutive of Bartholomew.

  • Barthélémy

    French form of Bartholomew.

  • Bartholomaios

    New Testament Greek form of Bartholomew.

  • Bartholomäus

    German form of Bartholomew.

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Names between Barlaam and Bartholomäus that Begin with B. Barlaam, Barlow, Barna, Barnabas, Barnabás, Barnabé, Barnaby, Barnat, Barnes, Barnett, Barney, Baron, Barra, Barret, Barrett, Barrfhionn, Barrfind, Barrick, Barrie, Barrington, Barris, Barrow, Barry, Bart, Bartal, Bartek, Bartel, Barthélémy, Bartholomaios, Bartholomäus, Names between Barlaam and Bartholomäus that Begin with B

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