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  • Basile

    French form of Basil.

  • Basileios

    Ancient Greek form of Basil.

  • Basilio

    Italian and Spanish form of Basil.

  • Basilius

    Latinized form of Basileios.

  • Basim

    Means "smiling" in Arabic.

  • Basima

    Feminine form of Basim.

  • Basir

    Means "wise" in Arabic.

  • Basira

    Feminine form of Basir.

  • Basit

    Means "one who enlarges" in Arabic.

  • Basma

    Means "smile" in Arabic.

  • Basmat

    Hebrew form of Basemath and Basmath.

  • Basmath

    Variant of Basemath.

  • Bassam

    Means "smiling" in Arabic.

  • Bassem

    Variant transcription of Basim.

  • Bassett

    Bassett is an English name that could have two different origins.

  • Bast

    Possibly means "fire, heat" in Egyptian.

  • Bastet

    Variant of Bast.

  • Bastiaan

    Short form of Sebastiaan.

  • Bastian

    Short form of Sebastian.

  • Bastien

    Short form of Sébastien.

  • Basu

    Bengali form of Vasu.

  • Basya

    Diminutive of Batyah.

  • Batari

    Means "goddess" in Indonesian.

  • Batbayar

    Means "strong joy" in Mongolian.

  • Batel

    Means "daughter of God" in Hebrew.

  • Bates

    The name Bates could have two distinct origins.

  • Bathsheba

    Means "daughter of the oath" in Hebrew.

  • Batsheva

    Hebrew variant of Bathsheba.

  • Bat-Sheva

    Original Hebrew form of Bathsheba.

  • Battista

    Italian form of Baptiste.

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Names between Basile and Battista that Begin with B. Basile, Basileios, Basilio, Basilius, Basim, Basima, Basir, Basira, Basit, Basma, Basmat, Basmath, Bassam, Bassem, Bassett, Bast, Bastet, Bastiaan, Bastian, Bastien, Basu, Basya, Batari, Batbayar, Batel, Bates, Bathsheba, Batsheva, Bat-Sheva, Battista, Names between Basile and Battista that Begin with B

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