Babs name - Meaning of Babs

Babs name - Meaning of Babs

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English, Greek
Babs Meaning
Diminutive of Barbara. Babs is a diminutive of Barbara. Barbara originates in Greek language and means "stranger, foreigner". Barbara was the name of several saints in Roman Catholic tradition, one of them being Saint Barbara, the protector against lightning and fire. Lately, the name has been extremely popular in some European countries. In the United States its usage declines.

Babs Related Names
Variants: Barb, Barbie, Bobbie, Babbs
Other Languages: Varvara (Bulgarian), Barbara, Bara, Barica (Croatian), Barbora, Bára (Czech), Barbara (French), Barbara, Bärbel (German), Varvara (Greek), Barbara, Borbála (Hungarian), Báirbre (Irish), Barbara (Italian), Barbara (Late Roman), Barbora (Lithuanian), Varvara (Macedonian), Barbara, Basia (Polish), Bárbara (Portuguese), Varvara, Varya (Russian), Barabal (Scottish), Barbora (Slovak), Barbara (Slovene), Barbro (Swedish)

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Meaning of Babs Name

Babs name meaning. The meaning, origin, popularity and detailed name information of Babs.

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