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  • Yngve

    Modern form of Yngvi.

  • Yngvi

    Possibly an Old Norse cognate of Ing.

  • Yngvildr

    Old Norse form of Ingvild.

  • Yo

    Yo is a Japanese name and means "honest".

  • Yoan

    Bulgarian form of John.

  • Yoana

    Bulgarian feminine form of John.

  • Yo'ash

    Hebrew form of Joash.

  • Yoav

    Hebrew form of Joab.

  • Yochanan

    Hebrew form of John.

  • Yocheved

    Hebrew form of Jochebed.

  • Yoel

    Hebrew form of Joel.

  • Yogi

    Yogi is a Sanskrit word that means "spiritual guru".

  • Yohann

    Yohann is a French variant of John.

  • Yoko

    Variant transcription of Youko.

  • Yokuto

    Yokuto is a Japanese name that means "wing or sake dipper".

  • Yolanda

    From the medieval French name Yolande, which was possibly a form of the name Violante, which was itself a derivative of Latin viola "violet".

  • Yolande

    French form of Yolanda.

  • Yolonda

    Variant of Yolanda.

  • Yona

    Yona is a Hebrew variant of Jonah.

  • Yonah

    Hebrew form of Jonah.

  • Yonas

    Yonas is a variant of Jonas, ultimately derived from Jonah.

  • Yonatan

    Original Hebrew form of Jonathan.

  • Yonca

    Means "clover" in Turkish.

  • Yong

    From Chinese "brave" or "perpetual".

  • Yoni

    Diminutive of Yonatan.

  • Yonina

    Feminine form of Yonah.

  • Yonit

    Feminine form of Yonah.

  • Yoon

    Variant transcription of Yun.

  • Yoram

    Hebrew form of Joram.

  • Yoran

    Yoran is a Hebrew name which means "to sing".

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Names between Yngve and Yoran that Begin with Y. Yngve, Yngvi, Yngvildr, Yo, Yoan, Yoana, Yo'ash, Yoav, Yochanan, Yocheved, Yoel, Yogi, Yohann, Yoko, Yokuto, Yolanda, Yolande, Yolonda, Yona, Yonah, Yonas, Yonatan, Yonca, Yong, Yoni, Yonina, Yonit, Yoon, Yoram, Yoran, Names between Yngve and Yoran that Begin with Y

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