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  • Yelyzaveta

    Ukrainian form of Elizabeth.

  • Yemelyan

    Russian form of Aemilianus (see Emiliano).

  • Yemima

    Hebrew form of Jemima.

  • Yen

    Yen originates in Vietnamese language and it means "woman of peace".

  • Yên

    Means "peaceful" from Sino-Vietnamese.

  • Yente

    Possibly a variant of Yentl.

  • Yentl

    Yiddish form of the French nickname Gentille, meaning "noble, aristocratic".

  • Yeong

    Means "brave" from Sino-Korean.

  • Yered

    Hebrew form of Jared.

  • Yeriel

    Yeriel is a Hebrew name and means "established by God".

  • Yeriyahu

    Hebrew form of Jeriah.

  • Yermolai

    Russian form of Hermolaos.

  • Yerushah

    Hebrew form of Jerusha.

  • Yesenia

    From Jessenia, the genus name of a type of tree found in South America.

  • Yesfir

    Russian form of Esther.

  • Yesha'yahu

    Hebrew form of Isaiah.

  • Yeshua

    Contracted form of Yehoshu'a (see Joshua) used in the books of Ezra and Nehemiah in the Hebrew Old Testament.

  • Yesim

    Means "jade" in Turkish.

  • Yessenia

    Variant of Yesenia.

  • Yessica

    Spanish form of Jessica.

  • Yeter

    Means "enough, sufficient" in Turkish.

  • Yetta

    Yetta is a diminutive of the name Henrietta.

  • Yeva

    Russian and Armenian form of Eve.

  • Yevdokiya

    Russian form of Eudocia.

  • Yevgeni

    Variant transcription of Yevgeniy.

  • Yevgeniy

    Russian form of Eugene.

  • Yevgeniya

    Russian form of Eugenia.

  • Yevgeny

    Variant transcription of Yevgeniy.

  • Yevheniy

    Ukrainian form of Eugene.

  • Yevpraksiya

    Russian form of the Greek name Ευπραξια (Eupraxia) , which was derived from Greek ευ "good" and πραξις (praxis) "action, exercise".

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Names between Yelyzaveta and Yevpraksiya that Begin with Y. Yelyzaveta, Yemelyan, Yemima, Yen, Yên, Yente, Yentl, Yeong, Yered, Yeriel, Yeriyahu, Yermolai, Yerushah, Yesenia, Yesfir, Yesha'yahu, Yeshua, Yesim, Yessenia, Yessica, Yeter, Yetta, Yeva, Yevdokiya, Yevgeni, Yevgeniy, Yevgeniya, Yevgeny, Yevheniy, Yevpraksiya, Names between Yelyzaveta and Yevpraksiya that Begin with Y

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