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  • Yalçin

    Means "steep" in Turkish.

  • Yale

    From a Welsh surname which was itself derived from a place name meaning "fertile upland" (from Welsh ial).

  • Yam

    Means "sea" in Ugaritic.

  • Yama

    Means "reign, curb" in Sanskrit.

  • Yamanu

    Reconstructed Egyptian form of Amon.

  • Yamato

    Refers to the ancient Yamato period in Japanese history, which lasted into the 8th century.

  • Yami

    Means "pair" in Sanskrit.

  • Yamila

    Form of Jamila used especially in Latin America.

  • Yamuna

    From the name of an Indian river, which is possibly derived from the name of the goddess Yami.

  • Yan

    Bulgarian and Belarusian form of Ioannes (see John).

  • Yana

    Bulgarian and Russian feminine form of Ioannes (see John).

  • Yancy

    From a surname, which was an Americanized form of the Dutch surname Jansen meaning " Jan 's son".

  • Yanick

    Masculine and feminine diminutive of Yann.

  • Yanis

    Yanis is a Greek variant of John.

  • Yaniv

    Means "he will prosper" in Hebrew.

  • Yankel

    Yiddish diminutive of Jacob.

  • Yanko

    Diminutive of Yan.

  • Yann

    Breton form of John.

  • Yanni

    Variant transcription of Yianni.

  • Yannic

    Masculine and feminine diminutive of Yann.

  • Yannick

    Masculine and feminine diminutive of Yann.

  • Yannis

    Variant transcription of Yiannis.

  • Yaqub

    Arabic form of Ya'aqov (see Jacob).

  • Ya'rah

    Original Hebrew form of Jarah.

  • Yarden

    Hebrew form of Jordan.

  • Yardena

    Hebrew feminine form of Jordan.

  • Yardley

    Yardley is an English name and means "kindling forest".

  • Yared

    Hebrew form of Jared.

  • Yarin

    Yarin is a Hebrew name and means "to understand".

  • Yarnell

    Yarnell is an English name and it was given to an eagle"s roost.

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Names between Yalçin and Yarnell that Begin with Y. Yalçin, Yale, Yam, Yama, Yamanu, Yamato, Yami, Yamila, Yamuna, Yan, Yana, Yancy, Yanick, Yanis, Yaniv, Yankel, Yanko, Yann, Yanni, Yannic, Yannick, Yannis, Yaqub, Ya'rah, Yarden, Yardena, Yardley, Yared, Yarin, Yarnell, Names between Yalçin and Yarnell that Begin with Y

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