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  • Yaromir

    Russian form of Jaromír.

  • Yaron

    Means "to sing, to shout" in Hebrew.

  • Yarona

    Feminine form of Yaron.

  • Yaropolk

    Russian form of JaropelK.

  • Yaroslav

    Russian form of JaroslAw.

  • Yaroslava

    Russian feminine form of JaroslAw.

  • Yasahiro

    Yasahiro is a Japanese name and means "tranquil or wise".

  • Yasamin

    Variant transcription of Yasmin.

  • Yasemin

    Turkish form of Jasmine.

  • Yasen

    Means both "ash tree" and "clear, serene" in Bulgarian.

  • Yash

    Derived from Sanskrit (yashas) meaning "glory, fame".

  • Yasha

    Russian diminutive of Yakov.

  • Yashawn

    Yashawn is a modern combination of the prefix Ya- and the name Shawn, ultimately derived from John.

  • Yashiv

    Yashiv is a Hebrew name and means "he will respond".

  • Yasin

    From the Arabic letters (called ya) and (called sin).

  • Yasir

    Means "to be rich", derived from Arabic (yasira) "to become easy".

  • Yasmeen

    Variant transcription of Yasmin.

  • Yasmin

    From Persian (yasamen) meaning "jasmine".

  • Yasmina

    Variant of Yasmin.

  • Yasmine

    Variant transcription of Yasmin.

  • Yasser

    Variant transcription of Yasir.

  • Yasu

    From Japanese "peaceful", "peace" or "level".

  • Yasuhiro

    Yasuhiro is a Japanese name that means "abundant honesty" or "widespread peace".

  • Yates

    Yates is an Anglo-Saxon name, derived from the Old English word "geat", which means "gate".

  • Yatniel

    Yatniel is a Hebrew name that means "gifted by God or gift of God".

  • Yat-sen

    Yat-sen is a Chinese name that means "festival".

  • Yavin

    Yavin is a variant of Yarin.

  • Yavor

    Bulgarian form of Javor.

  • Yavuz

    Means "stern, grim" in Turkish.

  • Yaw

    Means "born on Thursday" in Akan.

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Names between Yaromir and Yaw that Begin with Y. Yaromir, Yaron, Yarona, Yaropolk, Yaroslav, Yaroslava, Yasahiro, Yasamin, Yasemin, Yasen, Yash, Yasha, Yashawn, Yashiv, Yasin, Yasir, Yasmeen, Yasmin, Yasmina, Yasmine, Yasser, Yasu, Yasuhiro, Yates, Yatniel, Yat-sen, Yavin, Yavor, Yavuz, Yaw, Names between Yaromir and Yaw that Begin with Y

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