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  • Yewande

    Means "mother has returned" in Yoruba.

  • Yezekael

    Breton form of Iudicael (see Judicaël).

  • Yi

    From Chinese "suitable", "justice", "profit", "joy, harmony" (which is usually only feminine) or "ceremony" (also usually only feminine).

  • Yianni

    Greek form of John.

  • Yiannis

    Greek form of John.

  • Yidel

    Yiddish form of Judah.

  • Yiftach

    Hebrew form of Jephthah.

  • Yigit

    Means "brave" in Turkish.

  • Yildirim

    Means "lightning" in Turkish.

  • Yildiz

    Means "star" in Turkish.

  • Yilmaz

    Means "undaunted" in Turkish.

  • Yima

    Ancient Avestan form of Jam.

  • Yima Kshaeta

    Ancient Avestan form of Jamshid.

  • Yin

    From Chinese "silver", "sound" or "shade".

  • Ying

    Ying originates in Chinese language and means "intelligent, clever".

  • Yiorgos

    Modern Greek form of George.

  • Yirmiyahu

    Original Hebrew form of Jeremiah.

  • Yishai

    Original Hebrew form of Jesse.

  • Yishma'el

    Hebrew form of Ishmael.

  • Yishmeray

    Hebrew form of Ishmerai.

  • Yiskah

    Original Hebrew form of Iscah.

  • Yisrael

    Yisrael is the original Hebrew variant of Israel.

  • Yisra'el

    Original Hebrew form of Israel.

  • Yissakhar

    Hebrew form of Issachar.

  • Yitzhak

    Hebrew form of Isaac.

  • Ylli

    Derived from Albanian yll meaning "star".

  • Yllka

    Feminine form of Ylli.

  • Ylva

    Means "she-wolf", a derivative of Old Norse úlfr "wolf".

  • Yngvar

    Variant of Ingvar.

  • Yngvarr

    Old Norse form of Ingvar.

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Names between Yewande and Yngvarr that Begin with Y. Yewande, Yezekael, Yi, Yianni, Yiannis, Yidel, Yiftach, Yigit, Yildirim, Yildiz, Yilmaz, Yima, Yima Kshaeta, Yin, Ying, Yiorgos, Yirmiyahu, Yishai, Yishma'el, Yishmeray, Yiskah, Yisrael, Yisra'el, Yissakhar, Yitzhak, Ylli, Yllka, Ylva, Yngvar, Yngvarr, Names between Yewande and Yngvarr that Begin with Y

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