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  • Ya

    Means "elegant" in Chinese.

  • Yaa

    Means "born on Thursday" in Akan.

  • Yaakov

    Hebrew form of Jacob.

  • Yaalon

    Yaalon is a Hebrew name, derived from the Hebrew name "Yaal", which means "he will rise".

  • Yaara

    Means "honeycomb" and "honeysuckle" in Hebrew.

  • Yachel

    Yachel is a Hebrew name and means "to begin".

  • Yachin

    Hebrew form of Jachin.

  • Yachna

    Perhaps a feminine form of Yachin.

  • Yadira

    Meaning unknown, possibly derived from an Arabic name.

  • Yadon

    Hebrew form of Jadon.

  • Yaegar

    Yaegar is a Germanic name and means "hunter".

  • Yael

    Hebrew form of Jael.

  • Yaen

    Means "ostrich" in Hebrew.

  • Yaeshawn

    Yaeshawn is a modern combination of the prefix Yae- and the name Shawn, ultimately derived from John.

  • Yafa

    Variant transcription of Yaffa.

  • Yafe

    Variant and masculine form of Yaffa.

  • Yaffa

    Derived from Hebrew (yafeh) meaning "beautiful".

  • Yaffe

    Variant transcription of Yafe.

  • Yagmur

    Means "rain" in Turkish.

  • Yago

    Spanish form of Jacob (or James).

  • Yahveh

    Variant of Yahweh.

  • Yahweh

    A name of the Hebrew God, represented in Hebrew by the tetragrammaton ("four letters") (Yod Heh Vav Heh) , transliterated into Roman script Y H W H.

  • Yahya

    Arabic and Turkish form of Yochanan (see John).

  • Yair

    Hebrew form of Jair.

  • Yakim

    Russian form of Joachim.

  • Yakira

    Means "precious" in Hebrew.

  • Yakiv

    Ukrainian form of Jacob (or James).

  • Yakov

    Russian and Bulgarian form of Jacob (or James), and a Hebrew variant transcription of Yaakov.

  • Yakub

    Variant transcription of Yaqub.

  • Yakup

    Turkish form of Jacob.

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Names that Begin with Y. Ya, Yaa, Yaakov, Yaalon, Yaara, Yachel, Yachin, Yachna, Yadira, Yadon, Yaegar, Yael, Yaen, Yaeshawn, Yafa, Yafe, Yaffa, Yaffe, Yagmur, Yago, Yahveh, Yahweh, Yahya, Yair, Yakim, Yakira, Yakiv, Yakov, Yakub, Yakup, Names that Begin with Y

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