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  • Placidus

    Latin form of Placido.

  • Plamen

    Derived from South Slavic plamen meaning "flame, fire".

  • Plato

    From the Greek name Πλατων (Platon) which was derived from Greek πλατυς (platys) meaning "broad-shouldered".

  • Platon

    Greek form of Plato.

  • Pleasance

    From the medieval name Plaisance which meant "pleasant" in Old French.

  • Plinio

    Italian and Spanish form of Plinius (see Pliny).

  • Plínio

    Portuguese form of Plinius (see Pliny).

  • Plinius

    Original Latin form of Pliny.

  • Pliny

    From the Roman family name Plinius, which is of unknown meaning.

  • Ploutarchos

    Greek form of Plutarch.

  • Plouton

    Original Greek form of Pluto.

  • Plummer

    Plummer is an Old English name, derived from the Old English word "plume", which means "plum tree".

  • Plutarch

    From the Greek name Πλουταρχος (Ploutarchos) , which was derived from πλουτος (ploutos) "riches, wealth" and αρχη (arche) "origin, source".

  • Pluto

    Latinized form of Greek Πλουτων (Plouton) , derived from πλουτος (ploutos) meaning "wealth".

  • Pocahontas

    Means "she is playful" in Algonquin.

  • Poe

    Poe is an English name, derived from the word "peacock", which was a nickname given to people who were considered extremely vain.

  • Poghos

    Armenian form of Paul.

  • Pol

    Catalan form of Paul.

  • Pól

    Irish form of Paul.

  • Pòl

    Scottish form of Paul.

  • Pola

    Short form of Apolonia.

  • Poldi

    German diminutive of Leopold.

  • Polina

    Either a Russian, Ukrainian and Bulgarian form of Paulina or a short form of Apollinariya.

  • Polk

    Polk originates in Germanic languages and means "greatness, glory".

  • Pollard

    Pollard is most likely derived from Paul.

  • Pollie

    Variant of Polly.

  • Pollux

    Roman form of Greek Πολυδευκης (Polydeukes) , which means "very sweet" from Greek πολυς (polys) "much" and δευκης (deukes) "sweet".

  • Polly

    Medieval variant of Molly.

  • Pollyanna

    Combination of Polly and Anna.

  • Polona

    Short form of Apolonija.

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Names between Placidus and Polona that Begin with P. Placidus, Plamen, Plato, Platon, Pleasance, Plinio, Plínio, Plinius, Pliny, Ploutarchos, Plouton, Plummer, Plutarch, Pluto, Pocahontas, Poe, Poghos, Pol, Pól, Pòl, Pola, Poldi, Polina, Polk, Pollard, Pollie, Pollux, Polly, Pollyanna, Polona, Names between Placidus and Polona that Begin with P

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