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  • Pierre

    French form of Peter.

  • Pierrette

    Feminine diminutive of Pierre.

  • Pierrick

    Breton diminutive of Pierre.

  • Piers

    Medieval form of Peter.

  • Piet

    Short form of Pieter.

  • Pietari

    Finnish form of Peter used in the Bible.

  • Pieter

    Dutch form of Peter.

  • Pietra

    Italian feminine form of Peter.

  • Pietrina

    Feminine diminutive of Pietro.

  • Pietro

    Italian form of Peter.

  • Pietronella

    Variant of Petronella.

  • Piety

    From the English word meaning "piety, devoutness".

  • Piia

    Finnish form of Pia.

  • Pika

    Hawaiian form of Peter.

  • Pilar

    Means "pillar" in Spanish.

  • Pili

    Diminutive of Pilar.

  • Pilib

    Irish form of Philip.

  • Piloqutinnguaq

    Means "little leaf" in Greenlandic.

  • Pilvi

    Means "a cloud" in Finnish.

  • Pilypas

    Lithuanian form of Philip.

  • Pim

    Diminutive of Willem.

  • Pina

    Short form of names ending in pina.

  • Pinar

    Means "spring" in Turkish.

  • Pinchas

    Hebrew form of Phinehas.

  • Ping

    Means "peaceful, level" in Chinese.

  • Pinja

    Means "stone pine" in Finnish.

  • Pink

    Originally the name of a color, mixture of red and white, named after the flowers called pinks.

  • Pino

    Short form of names ending in pino.

  • Pio

    Italian and Portuguese form of Pius.

  • Pío

    Spanish form of Pius.

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Names between Pierre and Pío that Begin with P. Pierre, Pierrette, Pierrick, Piers, Piet, Pietari, Pieter, Pietra, Pietrina, Pietro, Pietronella, Piety, Piia, Pika, Pilar, Pili, Pilib, Piloqutinnguaq, Pilvi, Pilypas, Pim, Pina, Pinar, Pinchas, Ping, Pinja, Pink, Pino, Pio, Pío, Names between Pierre and Pío that Begin with P

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