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  • Posie

    Variant of Posy.

  • Posy

    Diminutive of Josephine.

  • Poul

    Danish form of Paul.

  • Powell

    Powell is a Medieval Welsh name, derived from the Welsh personal name "Hywel", which means "eminent or conspicuous".

  • Prabhakar

    Modern transcription of Prabhakara.

  • Prabhakara

    Means "light maker", derived from Sanskrit (prabha) "light" and (kara) "maker".

  • Prabhat

    Means "shining forth, morning" in Sanskrit.

  • Prabhu

    Means "mighty, powerful, master" in Sanskrit.

  • Prabodh

    Means "awakening" in Sanskrit.

  • Pradeep

    Variant transcription of Pradip.

  • Pradip

    Derived from Sanskrit (pradipa) meaning "light, lantern".

  • Praise

    From the English word praise, which is ultimately derived (via Old French) from Late Latin preciare, a derivative of Latin pretium "price, worth".

  • Prakash

    Derived from Sanskrit (prakasha) meaning "light".

  • Pramod

    Modern transcription of Pramoda.

  • Pramoda

    Means "joy" in Sanskrit.

  • Pran

    Means "breath" in Sanskrit.

  • Pranav

    This is the Sanskrit word referring to (om) , the Hindu sacred syllable.

  • Pranay

    Means "leader, guidance, love" in Sanskrit.

  • Pranciškus

    Lithuanian form of Francis.

  • Pranvera

    Derived from Albanian pranverë "spring".

  • Prasad

    Means "brightness, clearness" in Sanskrit.

  • Prasanna

    Means "clear, bright, tranquil" in Sanskrit.

  • Prasert

    Prasert originates in Thai language and it means "man of excellence".

  • Praskoviya

    Variant transcription of Praskovya.

  • Praskovya

    Russian form of Paraskeve.

  • Prasong

    Prasong originates in Thai language and it means "desire".

  • Pratap

    Means "heat, splendour, glory" in Sanskrit.

  • Pratibha

    Means "light, splendour, intelligence" in Sanskrit.

  • Pratima

    Means "image, likeness, reflection" in Sanskrit.

  • Pratt

    Pratt is an Anglo-Saxon name, derived from the Old English word "praett", which means "trick", and was probably a nickname for a magician.

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Names between Posie and Pratt that Begin with P. Posie, Posy, Poul, Powell, Prabhakar, Prabhakara, Prabhat, Prabhu, Prabodh, Pradeep, Pradip, Praise, Prakash, Pramod, Pramoda, Pran, Pranav, Pranay, Pranciškus, Pranvera, Prasad, Prasanna, Prasert, Praskoviya, Praskovya, Prasong, Pratap, Pratibha, Pratima, Pratt, Names between Posie and Pratt that Begin with P

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