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  • Ophélie

    French form of Ophelia.

  • Ophir

    Meaning unknown.

  • Ophiuchus

    Means "serpent bearer" in Greek.

  • Ophrah

    Means "fawn" in Hebrew.

  • Oprah

    In the case of television personality Oprah Winfrey, it was a childhood mispronunciation of her real name Orpah that became permanent.

  • Or

    Means "light" in Hebrew.

  • Ora

    Perhaps based on Latin oro "to pray".

  • Orabela

    Means "golden-beautiful" in Esperanto.

  • Orah

    Variant transcription of Ora.

  • Oral

    Swiss form of Aurelius.

  • Oralee

    Possibly a variant of Aurélie.

  • Oralie

    Possibly a variant of Aurélie.

  • Oran

    Anglicized form of Odhrán.

  • Orange

    Orange is an English name and simply means "orange".

  • Orazio

    Italian form of Horatius.

  • Orbán

    Hungarian form of Urban.

  • Orel

    Means "light of God" in Hebrew.

  • Oren

    Means "pine tree" in Hebrew.

  • Orestes

    Derived from Greek ορεστιας (orestias) meaning "of the mountains".

  • Orfeo

    Italian and Spanish form of Orpheus.

  • Órfhlaith

    Means "golden princess" from Irish ór "gold" combined with flaith "princess".

  • Orhan

    Derived from Turkish or "great" and the title khan meaning "leader".

  • Ori

    Means "my light" in Hebrew.

  • Oria

    Italian form of the Late Latin name Aurea which was derived from Latin aureus "golden".

  • Oriana

    Possibly derived from Latin aurum "gold" or from its derivatives, Spanish oro or French or.

  • Oriane

    French form of Oriana.

  • Orianne

    French form of Oriana.

  • Origen

    From the Greek name Ωριγενης (Origenes) , which was derived from an unknown Greek element combined with the element γενης (genes) "born".

  • Origenes

    Greek form of Origen.

  • Orinda

    Probably an elaboration of Spanish oro "gold".

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Names between Ophélie and Orinda that Begin with O. Ophélie, Ophir, Ophiuchus, Ophrah, Oprah, Or, Ora, Orabela, Orah, Oral, Oralee, Oralie, Oran, Orange, Orazio, Orbán, Orel, Oren, Orestes, Orfeo, Órfhlaith, Orhan, Ori, Oria, Oriana, Oriane, Orianne, Origen, Origenes, Orinda, Names between Ophélie and Orinda that Begin with O

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