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  • Olufunmilola

    Means "God gives me wealth" in Yoruba.

  • Olujimi

    Means "given by God" in Yoruba.

  • Olukayode

    Means "God brings happiness" in Yoruba.

  • Olumide

    Means "God has come" in Yoruba.

  • Oluwafunmilayo

    Variant of Olufunmilayo.

  • Oluwakanyinsola

    Means "God has added sweetness to my wealth" in Yoruba.

  • Oluwasegun

    Means "God has been victorious" in Yoruba.

  • Oluwaseun

    Means "we thank God" in Yoruba.

  • Oluwaseyi

    Means "God made this" in Yoruba.

  • Oluwatoyin

    Means "God is worthy to be praised" in Yoruba.

  • Oluwayemisi

    Means "God honours me" in Yoruba.

  • Olwen

    Means "white footprint" from Welsh ol "footprint, track" and gwen "white, fair, blessed".

  • Olwin

    Variant of Olwen.

  • Olwyn

    Variant of Olwen.

  • Olya

    Diminutive of Olga.

  • Olympe

    French form of Olympias.

  • Olympia

    Feminine form of Olympos.

  • Olympias

    Feminine form of Olympos.

  • Olympiodoros

    From Ολυμπος (Olympos) (of unknown meaning), the name of the mountain home of the Greek gods, combined with Greek δωρον (doron) "gift".

  • Olympos

    From a Greek personal name which was derived from the place name Ολυμπος (Olympos) (of unknown meaning), the name of the mountain home of the Greek gods.

  • Olyvia

    Variant of Olivia.

  • Om

    From the Sanskrit (om) , considered to be a sacred syllable because it represents the range of sounds that can be made by the human voice.

  • Oma

    Different sources offer different explanations of the origin of this name.

  • Omar

    Variant transcription of Umar.

  • Omari

    Omari is a variant of Omar.

  • Omega

    From the name of the last letter in the Greek alphabet, Ω.

  • Omen

    Omen is a Hebrew name and means "faithful".

  • Omer

    Means "sheaf of wheat" in Hebrew.

  • Ömer

    Turkish form of Umar.

  • Omid

    Means "hope" in Persian.

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Names between Olufunmilola and Omid that Begin with O. Olufunmilola, Olujimi, Olukayode, Olumide, Oluwafunmilayo, Oluwakanyinsola, Oluwasegun, Oluwaseun, Oluwaseyi, Oluwatoyin, Oluwayemisi, Olwen, Olwin, Olwyn, Olya, Olympe, Olympia, Olympias, Olympiodoros, Olympos, Olyvia, Om, Oma, Omar, Omari, Omega, Omen, Omer, Ömer, Omid, Names between Olufunmilola and Omid that Begin with O

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