Oralie name - Meaning of Oralie

Oralie name - Meaning of Oralie

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English (Rare), Latin
Oralie Meaning
Possibly a variant of Aurélie. Variant of Aurelia, which is a feminine form of Aurelius. Aurelius originates in Latin language and means "golden". Aurelia Cotta was the mother of Julius Caesar, Aurelia is also a kind of jellyfish, as well as a small city in Iowa.

Oralie Related Names
Variants: Oralee, Oralia, Orelee, Orelia
Other Languages: Aurelia (Ancient Roman), Aurélie (French), Aurélia, Aranka (Hungarian), Aurelia (Italian), Aurelija (Lithuanian), Aurelia (Polish), Aurelia (Romanian)

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Meaning of Oralie Name

Oralie name meaning. The meaning, origin, popularity and detailed name information of Oralie.

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