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  • Olga

    Slovak form of Olga.

  • Olgica

    Macedonian, Croatian and Serbian diminutive of Olga.

  • Oli

    Short form of Oliver.

  • Olimpia

    Form of Olympias.

  • Olin

    Olin is a Czech and Polish variant of Helge.

  • Oliva

    Late Latin name meaning "olive".

  • Olive

    From the English word for the type of tree, ultimately derived from Latin oliva.

  • Oliver

    From Olivier, a Norman French form of a Germanic name such as Alfher or an Old Norse name such as Áleifr (see Olaf).

  • Olivér

    Hungarian form of Oliver.

  • Olivera

    Feminine form of Oliver.

  • Olivette

    Feminine form of Oliver.

  • Olivia

    This name was first used in this spelling by William Shakespeare for a character in his comedy 'Twelfth Night' (1602).

  • Olívia

    Portuguese, Slovak and Hungarian form of Olivia.

  • Olivie

    French and Czech form of Olivia.

  • Olivier

    French and Dutch form of Oliver.

  • Oliviero

    Italian form of Oliver.

  • Oliwia

    Polish form of Olivia.

  • Oliwier

    Polish form of Oliver.

  • Olle

    Swedish diminutive of Olaf.

  • Olli

    Finnish diminutive of Olavi.

  • Ollie

    Diminutive of Oliver, Olivia or Olive.

  • Olof

    Swedish form of Olaf.

  • Olov

    Swedish form of Olaf.

  • Olsen

    Olsen originates in Old Norse and means "Ole"s son".

  • Olubunmi

    Means "gift of God" in Yoruba.

  • Oluchi

    Means "God's work" in Igbo.

  • Oluf

    Danish variant of Olaf.

  • Olufemi

    Means "God loves me" in Yoruba.

  • Olufunke

    Means "God has cared for" in Yoruba.

  • Olufunmilayo

    Means "God gave me joy" in Yoruba.

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Names between Olga and Olufunmilayo that Begin with O. Olga, Olgica, Oli, Olimpia, Olin, Oliva, Olive, Oliver, Olivér, Olivera, Olivette, Olivia, Olívia, Olivie, Olivier, Oliviero, Oliwia, Oliwier, Olle, Olli, Ollie, Olof, Olov, Olsen, Olubunmi, Oluchi, Oluf, Olufemi, Olufunke, Olufunmilayo, Names between Olga and Olufunmilayo that Begin with O

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