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  • Ofelia

    Spanish and Italian form of Ophelia.

  • Ofélia

    Portuguese form of Ophelia.

  • Ofer

    Means "fawn" in Hebrew.

  • Ofir

    Hebrew form of Ophir.

  • Ofra

    Hebrew form of Ophrah.

  • Ofrah

    Hebrew form of Ophrah.

  • Ofydd

    Welsh form of Ovid.

  • Ogden

    From a surname which was derived from a place name meaning "oak valley" in Old English.

  • Ogechi

    Short form of Ogechukwukama.

  • Ogechukwukama

    Means "God's time is the best" in Igbo.

  • Ogen

    Ogen is a Hebrew name, derived from the Hebrew roots which mean "anchor".

  • Ognen

    Macedonian form of Ognyan.

  • Ognena

    Macedonian feminine form of Ognyan.

  • Ognian

    Variant transcription of Ognyan.

  • Ognjan

    Croatian and Serbian variant form of Ognyan.

  • Ognjen

    Croatian and Serbian form of Ognyan.

  • Ognyan

    Derived from Bulgarian (ognen) "fiery".

  • Ognyana

    Feminine form of Ognyan.

  • Ohad

    Means "united" in Hebrew.

  • Ohannes

    Armenian form of Iohannes (see John).

  • Oidipous

    Greek form of Oedipus.

  • Oier

    Meaning unknown, of Basque origin.

  • Oighrig

    Means "new speckled one" in Scottish Gaelic.

  • Oihana

    Means "forest" in Basque.

  • Oili

    Finnish form of Olga.

  • Oinone

    Greek form of Oenone.

  • Oisin

    Oisin is Celtic Irish name, derived from the Celtic root word "os", which means "deer".

  • Oisín

    Means "little deer", derived from Irish os "deer" combined with a diminutive suffix.

  • Oiva

    Means "splendid" in Finnish.

  • Ok

    Ok originates in Korean language and it means "treasured".

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Names between Ofelia and Ok that Begin with O. Ofelia, Ofélia, Ofer, Ofir, Ofra, Ofrah, Ofydd, Ogden, Ogechi, Ogechukwukama, Ogen, Ognen, Ognena, Ognian, Ognjan, Ognjen, Ognyan, Ognyana, Ohad, Ohannes, Oidipous, Oier, Oighrig, Oihana, Oili, Oinone, Oisin, Oisín, Oiva, Ok, Names between Ofelia and Ok that Begin with O

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