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  • Orinthia

    Possibly related to Greek ορινω (orino) meaning "to excite, to agitate".

  • Orion

    Meaning unknown, but possibly related to Greek ‘οριον (horion) "boundary, limit".

  • Orit

    Means "light" in Hebrew.

  • Örjan

    Medieval Swedish form of Jurian.

  • Ørjan

    Medieval Norwegian form of Jurian.

  • Orla

    Anglicized form of Órfhlaith.

  • Orlagh

    Anglicized form of Órfhlaith.

  • Órlaith

    Variant of Órfhlaith.

  • Orland

    Orland is derived from Orlando, itself an Italian variant of Roland.

  • Orlanda

    Feminine form of Orlando.

  • Orlando

    Italian form of Roland.

  • Orli

    Means "light for me" in Hebrew.

  • Orly

    Variant transcription of Orli.

  • Ormazd

    Modern Persian form of Ahura Mazda.

  • Ormond

    From an Irish surname which was derived from Ó Ruaidh meaning "descendent of Ruadh ".

  • Ormonde

    Variant of Ormond.

  • Orna

    Anglicized form of Odharnait.

  • Ornat

    Anglicized form of Odharnait.

  • Ornella

    Created by the Italian author Gabriele d'Annunzio for his novel 'La Figlia di Jorio' (1904).

  • Oroitz

    Means "memory" in Basque.

  • Orpah

    Hebrew form of Orpah.

  • Orpha

    Variant of Orpah used in some translations of the Bible.

  • Orpheus

    Perhaps related to Greek ορφνη (orphne) meaning "the darkness of night".

  • Orrell

    From a surname which was derived from a place name meaning "ore hill" in Old English.

  • Orrick

    Orrick is a an English name, which is means "oak tree".

  • Orrin

    Anglicized form of Odhrán.

  • Orsina

    Feminine form of Orsino.

  • Orsino

    Italian form of the Roman name Ursinus, itself derived from Ursus (see Urs).

  • Orso

    Italian form of Ursus (see Urs).

  • Orsola

    Italian form of Ursula.

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Names between Orinthia and Orsola that Begin with O. Orinthia, Orion, Orit, Örjan, Ørjan, Orla, Orlagh, Órlaith, Orland, Orlanda, Orlando, Orli, Orly, Ormazd, Ormond, Ormonde, Orna, Ornat, Ornella, Oroitz, Orpah, Orpha, Orpheus, Orrell, Orrick, Orrin, Orsina, Orsino, Orso, Orsola, Names between Orinthia and Orsola that Begin with O

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