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  • Jarrell

    Jarrell is derived from the Germanic name Gerhardt, itself derived from the Latin personal names "Gerardus" and "Girardus".

  • Jarrett

    From a surname which was a variant of Garrett.

  • Jarrick

    Jarrick is derived from the Germanic words "geri", which means "spear", and "hard" which means "hardy or strong".

  • Jarrod

    Variant of Jared.

  • Jarvis

    From a surname which was derived from the given name Gervais.

  • Jary

    Jary is a Finnish name, a variant of the name "Jari", which itself means "helmeted warrior".

  • Jaša

    Slovene variant of Jakob.

  • Jaska

    Diminutive of Jaakko.

  • Jaslyn

    Variant of Jazlyn.

  • Jasmijn

    Dutch form of Jasmine.

  • Jasmin

    German form and English variant of Jasmine.

  • Jasmina

    Croatian, Serbian, Slovene and Macedonian form of Jasmine.

  • Jasmine

    From the English word for the climbing plant with fragrant flowers which is used for making perfumes.

  • Jasminka

    Croatian diminutive of Jasmina.

  • Jasmyn

    Variant of Jasmine.

  • Jasna

    Derived from South Slavic jasno meaning "clear, sharp".

  • Jason

    From the Greek name Ιασων (Iason) , which was derived from Greek ιασθαι (iasthai) "to heal".

  • Jasper

    Means "treasurer" in Persian.

  • Jaswinder

    Means "Indra of the thunderbolt" from the name of the Hindu god Indra prefixed with Sanskrit jasu, the name of his thunderbolt.

  • Jathbiyya

    Variant transcription of Jathibiyya.

  • Jathibiyya

    Means "charm, attractiveness" in Arabic.

  • Jaume

    Catalan form of James.

  • Jaumet

    Diminutive of Jaume.

  • Javaid

    Variant transcription of Javed.

  • Javan

    Means "Greece" in Hebrew.

  • Javaughn

    Javaughn is derived from the Hebrew name "Yavan" that means "Greece or Greeks".

  • Javawnte

    Javawnte is a newly invented name.

  • Javed

    Means "eternal" in Persian.

  • Javen

    Javen is a variant of Javaughn.

  • Javier

    Spanish form of Xavier.

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Names between Jarrell and Javier that Begin with J. Jarrell, Jarrett, Jarrick, Jarrod, Jarvis, Jary, Jaša, Jaska, Jaslyn, Jasmijn, Jasmin, Jasmina, Jasmine, Jasminka, Jasmyn, Jasna, Jason, Jasper, Jaswinder, Jathbiyya, Jathibiyya, Jaume, Jaumet, Javaid, Javan, Javaughn, Javawnte, Javed, Javen, Javier, Names between Jarrell and Javier that Begin with J

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