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  • Jadran

    Croatian, Serbian and Slovene form of Adrian.

  • Jadranka

    Croatian, Serbian and Slovene feminine form of Adrian.

  • Jadranko

    Croatian, Serbian and Slovene form of Adrian.

  • Jadvyga

    Lithuanian form of Hedwig.

  • Jadwiga

    Polish form of Hedwig.

  • Jadyn

    Variant of Jaden.

  • Jadzia

    Diminutive of Jadwiga.

  • Jae

    Variant of Jay.

  • Jaeger

    Jaeger is a German name, derived from the High German word "jeger", which means "to chase or to hunt".

  • Jael

    From the Hebrew name (Ya'el) meaning "mountain goat".

  • Jafar

    Means "stream" in Arabic.

  • Jafari

    Jafari is an Arabic name, a variant of the name "Ja"far", which means "little stream".

  • Jafet

    Spanish form of Japheth.

  • Jaffar

    Variant transcription of Jafar.

  • Jaffe

    Variant transcription of Yafe.

  • Jaffer

    Variant transcription of Jafar.

  • Jaga

    Croatian, Serbian and Macedonian diminutive of Agatha or Jagoda.

  • Jagannath

    Modern transcription of Jagannatha.

  • Jagannatha

    Means "master of the world" from Sanskrit (jagat) "world" and (natha) "master".

  • Jagdish

    Means "ruler of the world" from Sanskrit (jagat) "world" and (isha) "ruler".

  • Jager

    Jager is a Dutch variant of the German name Jaeger.

  • Jäger

    Jäger is another version of the name Jaeger.

  • Jagger

    Jagger is an English version of Jaeger.

  • Jagienka

    Diminutive of Agnieszka.

  • Jagjit

    Means "conqueror of the world", composed of the Sanskrit elements (jagat) "world" and (jit) "conquering".

  • Jagna

    Diminutive of Agnieszka.

  • Jago

    Cornish form of Jacob.

  • Jagoda

    Means "strawberry" in South Slavic, and "berry" in Polish.

  • Jagusia

    Diminutive of Agnieszka.

  • Jahan

    Means "world" in Persian.

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Names between Jadran and Jahan that Begin with J. Jadran, Jadranka, Jadranko, Jadvyga, Jadwiga, Jadyn, Jadzia, Jae, Jaeger, Jael, Jafar, Jafari, Jafet, Jaffar, Jaffe, Jaffer, Jaga, Jagannath, Jagannatha, Jagdish, Jager, Jäger, Jagger, Jagienka, Jagjit, Jagna, Jago, Jagoda, Jagusia, Jahan, Names between Jadran and Jahan that Begin with J

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