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  • Jahangir

    Means "world conqueror" in Persian.

  • Jaheem

    Jaheem is a Swahili name which means "raised up or dignified".

  • Jahel

    Variant of Jael.

  • Jahid

    Jahid is an Arabic name which means "hardworking".

  • Jahin

    Jahin is an Arabic name which means "good pedigree".

  • Jahleel

    Means "God waits" in Hebrew.

  • Jahzeel

    Means "God apportions" in Hebrew.

  • Jai

    Variant of Jay.

  • Jaida

    Variant of Jada.

  • Jaiden

    Variant of Jaden.

  • Jaidev

    Means "divine victory" from Sanskrit (jaya) "victory" and (deva) "a god".

  • Jaiman

    Jaiman is a Sanskrit name, derived from the word "jai", which means "victory".

  • Jaime

    Spanish and Portuguese form of James.

  • Jaimie

    Variant of Jamie.

  • Jair

    Means "he shines" in Hebrew.

  • Jairo

    Jairo is a Spanish version of the Hebrew name "Jair", which means "he enlightens or he shines".

  • Jairus

    From Ιαιρος (Iairos) , the Greek form of Jair used in the New Testament, where it belongs to the father of a young girl brought back to life by Jesus.

  • Jajuan

    Jajuan is a combination of the prefix "ja" and the name Juan, itself a Spanish variant of John.

  • Jaka

    Slovene form of Jacob (or James).

  • Jakab

    Hungarian form of Jacob (or James).

  • Jakayla

    Jakayla is a combination of Kayla and the prefix ja-.

  • Jake

    Medieval variant of Jack.

  • Jakes

    Basque form of Jacob (or James).

  • Jaki

    Diminutive of Jacqueline.

  • Jakim

    Jakim is a variant of the name "Joachim", itself based on the Hebrew name "Yakim", derived from two Hebrew words - "Yahweh", which is the name for "God", and "quwm", which means "to rise or establish".

  • Jakki

    Diminutive of Jacqueline.

  • Jakob

    Cognate of Jacob (or James).

  • Jákob

    Hungarian form of Jacob (or James).

  • Jakodi

    Jakodi is derived from adding the prefix "Ja" to the name "Codi or Kodi".

  • Jakov

    Serbian, Croatian and Macedonian form of Jacob (or James).

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Names between Jahangir and Jakov that Begin with J. Jahangir, Jaheem, Jahel, Jahid, Jahin, Jahleel, Jahzeel, Jai, Jaida, Jaiden, Jaidev, Jaiman, Jaime, Jaimie, Jair, Jairo, Jairus, Jajuan, Jaka, Jakab, Jakayla, Jake, Jakes, Jaki, Jakim, Jakki, Jakob, Jákob, Jakodi, Jakov, Names between Jahangir and Jakov that Begin with J

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