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  • Jaagup

    Estonian form of Jacob (or James).

  • Jaak

    Estonian short form of Jacob (or James).

  • Jaakkima

    Finnish form of Joachim.

  • Jaakko

    Finnish form of Jacob (or James).

  • Jaakob

    Estonian form of Jacob (or James).

  • Jaakoppi

    Finnish form of Jacob (or James).

  • Jaala

    Means "wild goat" in Hebrew.

  • Jaan

    Estonian form of John.

  • Jaana

    Short form of Marjaana and other names ending in jaana.

  • Jaap

    Diminutive of Jacob.

  • Jaasau

    Means "they will do" in Hebrew.

  • Jabari

    Jabari is a Swahili name which means "brave".

  • Jabbar

    Means "powerful" in Arabic.

  • Jabez

    Means "sorrow" in Hebrew.

  • Jabin

    Means "perceptive" in Hebrew.

  • Jabir

    Means "comforter" in Arabic.

  • Jabr

    Means "consolation, assistance" in Arabic.

  • Jabril

    Variant transcription of Jibril.

  • Jac

    Jac is a variant of Jack, itself a medieval diminutive of John.

  • Jace

    Short form of Jason.

  • Jacek

    Modern form of Jacenty.

  • Jacenty

    Polish form of Hyacinthus.

  • Jacey

    Jacey is most likely an invented name, derived from any name starting with the letter "J".

  • Jachin

    Means "he establishes" in Hebrew.

  • Jáchym

    Czech form of Joachim.

  • Jaci

    Diminutive of Jacqueline.

  • Jacinda

    Variant of Jacinta.

  • Jacinta

    Spanish and Portuguese feminine form of Hyacinthus.

  • Jacinth

    From the English word for the orange precious stone, originating from the same source as Hyacinth.

  • Jacintha

    Latinate form of Jacinthe.

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Names that Begin with J. Jaagup, Jaak, Jaakkima, Jaakko, Jaakob, Jaakoppi, Jaala, Jaan, Jaana, Jaap, Jaasau, Jabari, Jabbar, Jabez, Jabin, Jabir, Jabr, Jabril, Jac, Jace, Jacek, Jacenty, Jacey, Jachin, Jáchym, Jaci, Jacinda, Jacinta, Jacinth, Jacintha, Names that Begin with J

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