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  • Jacinthe

    French cognate of Hyacinth.

  • Jacinto

    Spanish and Portuguese form of Hyacinthus.

  • Jack

    Derived from Jackin (earlier Jankin), a medieval diminutive of John.

  • Jackalyn

    Variant of Jacqueline.

  • Jacki

    Diminutive of Jacqueline.

  • Jackie

    Diminutive of either Jack or Jacqueline.

  • Jackin

    Variant of Jankin.

  • Jacklyn

    Variant of Jacqueline.

  • Jackson

    From an English surname meaning "son of Jack ".

  • Jaclyn

    Contracted variant of Jacqueline.

  • Jaco

    Jaco is a Portuguese diminutive of Jacob.

  • Jacó

    Portuguese form of Jacob.

  • Jacob

    From the Latin Iacobus, which was from the Greek Ιακωβος (Iakobos) , which was from the Hebrew name (Ya'aqov).

  • Jacoba

    Feminine form of Jacob.

  • Jacobina

    Feminine form of Jacob.

  • Jacobine

    Norwegian, Danish and Dutch feminine form of Jacob (or James).

  • Jacobo

    Spanish form of Jacob (or James).

  • Jacobus

    Latin form of Jacob, still used in Dutch.

  • Jacomina

    Dutch feminine form of Iacomus (see James).

  • Jacopo

    Italian form of Jacob (or James).

  • Jacqueline

    French feminine form of Jacques, also commonly used in the English-speaking world.

  • Jacquelyn

    Variant of Jacqueline.

  • Jacques

    French form of Jacob (or James).

  • Jacquetta

    Feminine diminutive of Jacques.

  • Jacquette

    Feminine diminutive of Jacques.

  • Jacqui

    Short form of Jacqueline.

  • Jada

    Possibly an elaborated form of Jade.

  • Jade

    From the name of the precious stone that is often used in carvings.

  • Jaden

    An invented name, using the popular aden suffix sound found in such names as Braden, Hayden and Aidan.

  • Jadon

    Possibly means either "thankful" or "he will judge" in Hebrew.

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Names between Jacinthe and Jadon that Begin with J. Jacinthe, Jacinto, Jack, Jackalyn, Jacki, Jackie, Jackin, Jacklyn, Jackson, Jaclyn, Jaco, Jacó, Jacob, Jacoba, Jacobina, Jacobine, Jacobo, Jacobus, Jacomina, Jacopo, Jacqueline, Jacquelyn, Jacques, Jacquetta, Jacquette, Jacqui, Jada, Jade, Jaden, Jadon, Names between Jacinthe and Jadon that Begin with J

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