Jacqueline name - Meaning of Jacqueline

Jacqueline name - Meaning of Jacqueline

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French, English, Hebrew
zha-kə-LEEN (French) , zhak-LEEN (French) , JAK-ə-leen (English) , JAK-ə-lin (English), JAK-ə-leen/JAK-ə-lin
Jacqueline Meaning
French feminine form of Jacques, also commonly used in the English-speaking world. Jacqueline originates in Hebrew language and means "one who supplants". It is a feminine form of Jacques, ultimately derived from Jacob. Jacqueline has always been one of the most popular names not only in English-speaking countries. It has been used since the 17th century and in the United States it was popularized by Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, the wife of President John F. Kennedy.

Jacqueline Related Names
Variants: Jackalyn, Jacklyn, Jaclyn, Jacquelyn, Jaqueline, Jaquelyn (English), Jacalin, Jacalyn, Jacalynn, Jackalin, Jackalinne, Jackeline, Jackelyn, Jacklin, Jacklynne, Jackqueline, Jaclin, Jacqlyn, Jacqualine, Jacquelyne, Jacquelynn, Jakleen, Jaklyn, Jaquelynn, Jackie
Diminutives: Jacquette (French), Jaci, Jacki, Jackie, Jaki, Jakki (English), Jacqui (English (British) )
Masculine Forms: Jacques (French), Jacob (English)
Other Languages: Zhaklina (Bulgarian), Žaklina (Croatian), Jacobine, Bine (Danish), Jacoba, Jacobina, Jacobine, Jacomina, Coba (Dutch), Zhaklina (Macedonian), Jacobine (Norwegian), Żaklina (Polish), Jamesina (Scottish)

Jacqueline Celebrities
Jacqueline Bisset - actress, Jacqueline Kennedy - U.S. First Lady in the 20th century, Jacqueline Obradors - actress, Jacqueline Blay - writer, Jacqueline Collen - actress, Jacqueline Blay - writer, Jacqueline Cooper - writer, Jacqueline Dana - writer, Jacqueline Dumas - writer, Jacqueline Guest - writer, Jacqueline Hick - artist, Jacqueline Maillan - actress, Jacqueline McKenzie - actress, Jacqueline Nugget - writer, Jacqueline Sturm - published author, Jacqueline Susann - writer,

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Meaning of Jacqueline Name

Jacqueline name meaning. The meaning, origin, popularity and detailed name information of Jacqueline.

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