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  • Hain

    Hain is an English name, derived from the Middle English word "heghen", which means "enclosure".

  • Haines

    Haines is a variant of Hain.

  • Haizea

    Means "wind" in Basque.

  • Hajar

    Arabic form of Hagar.

  • Hajna

    Means "dawn" in Hungarian.

  • Hajnal

    Diminutive of Hajna.

  • Hajnalka

    Diminutive of Hajna.

  • Hakan

    Means "emperor, ruler" in Turkish.

  • Håkan

    Swedish form of Hákon (see Håkon).

  • Hakeem

    Variant transcription of Hakim.

  • Hakim

    Means "wise" in Arabic.

  • Hakob

    Armenian form of Jacob (or James).

  • Hakon

    Hakon originates in Old Norse and means "the highest son".

  • Hákon

    Old Norse form of Håkon, as well as the modern Icelandic form.

  • Håkon

    Modern Norwegian form of the Old Norse name Hákon, which meant "high son" from há "high" and konr "son".

  • Haku

    Haku is a Hawaiian name which means "supervisor or overseer".

  • Hal

    Medieval diminutive of Harry.

  • Hala

    Means "halo around the moon" in Arabic.

  • Halbert

    Halbert is an English name, derived from the Old French name for a certain type of soldier who carried a "halberd", which was a cross between a "spear and a battle axe" and is still carried by certain ceremonial guards, like the Vatican guards.

  • Halcyon

    From the name of a genus of kingfisher birds, derived from Greek αλκυων or ‘αλκυων (from the same source as Alcyone).

  • Halcyone

    Latinized form of Greek ‘Αλκυονη (Halkyone) , a variant of Αλκυονη (Alkyone) (see Alcyone).

  • Halden

    Halden is an English name, derived from "healf-Dene", which was the nick name given to a "half-Dane".

  • Haldor

    From the Old Norse name Hallþórr, which meant "Thor's rock" from hallr "rock" combined with the name of the Norse god Þórr (see Thor).

  • Hale

    From a surname which was derived from a place name meaning "nook, retreat" from Old English healh.

  • Haleigh

    Variant of Hayley.

  • Halen

    Halen is derived from the Ancient Celtic word "halh" which means "valley".

  • Haley

    Variant of Hayley.

  • Hálfdan

    Old Norse form of Halvdan.

  • Halil

    Means "close friend" in Turkish.

  • Halim

    Turkish form of Halim.

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Names between Hain and Halim that Begin with H. Hain, Haines, Haizea, Hajar, Hajna, Hajnal, Hajnalka, Hakan, Håkan, Hakeem, Hakim, Hakob, Hakon, Hákon, Håkon, Haku, Hal, Hala, Halbert, Halcyon, Halcyone, Halden, Haldor, Hale, Haleigh, Halen, Haley, Hálfdan, Halil, Halim, Names between Hain and Halim that Begin with H

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