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  • Hansford

    Hansford is a locational surname, denoting that the bearer comes from Hanford in Devonshire and Staffordshire.

  • Hanson

    Hanson is ultimately derived from the name John.

  • Hansuke

    Hansuke is a Japanese name, derived from two Japanese words - "han", which means "companion", and "suke", which means "help or assist".

  • Happy

    From the English word happy.

  • Haralamb

    Romanian form of Charalampos.

  • Haralambi

    Bulgarian form of Charalampos.

  • Harald

    Scandinavian and German cognate of Harold.

  • Haraldr

    Old Norse form of Harold.

  • Haraldur

    Icelandic cognate of Harold.

  • Haran

    Possibly means "hill, mountain" in Hebrew.

  • Harden

    Harden is an English locational surname, denoting that the bearer comes from places called Harden or similar sounding names in Yorkshire.

  • Harding

    From an English surname which was derived from the given name Heard, which was itself a short form of various Old English names containing the element heard meaning "brave, hardy".

  • Hardman

    Old Germanic form of Hartmann.

  • Hardmod

    Old Germanic form of Hartmut.

  • Harduwich

    Old Germanic form of Hartwig.

  • Hardwin

    Old Germanic form of Hartwin.

  • Hardy

    From a surname which was derived from Middle English hardi "brave, hardy".

  • Harendra

    Combination of the names of the Hindu gods Hari (referring to Vishnu) and Indra.

  • Hari

    Means "brown, yellow, tawny" in Sanskrit, and by extension "monkey, horse, lion".

  • Haribert

    Old Germanic form of Herbert.

  • Hariman

    Old Germanic form of Herman.

  • Harinder

    Punjabi form of Harendra.

  • Harish

    Modern transcription of Harisha.

  • Harisha

    Means "lord of monkeys" from Sanskrit (hari) "monkey" and (isha) "lord".

  • Harith

    Means "good provider" in Arabic.

  • Hariwald

    Old Germanic form of Harold.

  • Hariwini

    Old Germanic form of Erwin.

  • Harkaitz

    Variant of Arkaitz.

  • Harlan

    From a surname which was from a place name meaning "hare land" in Old English.

  • Harland

    From a surname which was a variant of Harlan.

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Names between Hansford and Harland that Begin with H. Hansford, Hanson, Hansuke, Happy, Haralamb, Haralambi, Harald, Haraldr, Haraldur, Haran, Harden, Harding, Hardman, Hardmod, Harduwich, Hardwin, Hardy, Harendra, Hari, Haribert, Hariman, Harinder, Harish, Harisha, Harith, Hariwald, Hariwini, Harkaitz, Harlan, Harland, Names between Hansford and Harland that Begin with H

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