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  • Haf

    Means "summer" in Welsh.

  • Hafeez

    Variant transcription of Hafiz.

  • Hafiz

    Means "custodian, guardian" in Arabic.

  • Hafsa

    Means "gathering" in Arabic.

  • Hafsah

    Variant transcription of Hafsa.

  • Hafza

    Variant transcription of Hafsa.

  • Hagan

    Hagan is an anglicized version of the Irish name "O"Hagan", which means "son of Aodh".

  • Hagano

    Old Germanic form of Hagen.

  • Hagar

    Possibly means "flight" in Hebrew, though it could also be of unknown Egyptian origin.

  • Hagen

    Derived from the Germanic element hagan meaning "enclosure".

  • Haggai

    Means "festive" in Hebrew.

  • Haggith

    Means "festive" in Hebrew.

  • Hagir

    Variant transcription of Hajar.

  • Hagit

    Hebrew form of Haggith.

  • Hagne

    Greek form of Agnes.

  • Hagop

    Western Armenian transcription of Hakob.

  • Hahn

    Hahn is a Germanic name and means "rooster".

  • Hai

    Means "sea" in Chinese.

  • Haidar

    Means "lion" in Arabic.

  • Haidee

    Perhaps intended to derive from Greek αιδοιος (aidoios) "modest, reverent".

  • Haider

    Variant transcription of Haidar.

  • Haifa

    Variant transcription of Hayfa.

  • Haig

    Variant transcription of Hayk.

  • Haik

    Variant transcription of Hayk.

  • Hailee

    Variant of Hayley.

  • Hailey

    Variant of Hayley.

  • Hailie

    Variant of Hayley.

  • Hailwic

    Old Germanic form of Heilwig.

  • Haim

    Variant transcription of Chayyim.

  • Haimo

    Short form of names beginning with the Germanic element heim meaning "home".

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Names between Haf and Haimo that Begin with H. Haf, Hafeez, Hafiz, Hafsa, Hafsah, Hafza, Hagan, Hagano, Hagar, Hagen, Haggai, Haggith, Hagir, Hagit, Hagne, Hagop, Hahn, Hai, Haidar, Haidee, Haider, Haifa, Haig, Haik, Hailee, Hailey, Hailie, Hailwic, Haim, Haimo, Names between Haf and Haimo that Begin with H

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