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  • Umut

    Means "hope" in Turkish.

  • Una

    Una originates in Latin language and means "one".

  • Úna

    Possibly derived from Irish uan meaning "lamb".

  • Ùna

    Scottish form of Úna.

  • Unai

    Means "cowherd" in Basque.

  • Unathi

    Means "God is with us" in Xhosa.

  • Undine

    Derived from Latin unda meaning "wave".

  • Unice

    Variant of Eunice.

  • Unique

    From the English word unique, ultimately derived from Latin unicus.

  • Unity

    From the English word unity, which is ultimately derived from Latin unitas.

  • Unn

    Unn originates in Old Norse and means "the beloved one".

  • Unnr

    Derived from Old Norse unnr "to wave, to billow" or unna "to love".

  • Unnur

    Icelandic form of Unnr.

  • Uolevi

    Finnish form of Olaf.

  • Upton

    From a surname which was derived from a place name meaning "upper town" in Old English.

  • Uqalik

    Uqalik is another version of the name Ukaleq.

  • Urania

    Latinized form of Ourania.

  • Uranus

    From Greek Ουρανος (Ouranos) , the name of the husband of Gaia and the father of the Titans in Greek mythology.

  • Urbain

    French form of Urbanus (see Urban).

  • Urban

    From the Latin name Urbanus which meant "city dweller".

  • Urbana

    Italian feminine form of Urban.

  • Urbano

    Italian and Spanish form of Urbanus (see Urban).

  • Urbanus

    Latin form of Urban.

  • Urd

    From the Old Norse Urðr meaning "fate".

  • Urh

    Slovene form of Ulrich.

  • Urho

    Means "brave" in Finnish.

  • Uri

    Means "my light" in Hebrew.

  • Ur'i

    Biblical Hebrew form of Uri.

  • Uriah

    From the Hebrew name ('Uriyah) which meant " Yahweh is my light".

  • Urian

    Urian is a variant of the name Urien.

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Names between Umut and Urian that Begin with U. Umut, Una, Úna, Ùna, Unai, Unathi, Undine, Unice, Unique, Unity, Unn, Unnr, Unnur, Uolevi, Upton, Uqalik, Urania, Uranus, Urbain, Urban, Urbana, Urbano, Urbanus, Urd, Urh, Urho, Uri, Ur'i, Uriah, Urian, Names between Umut and Urian that Begin with U

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