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  • Uliana

    Russian form of Juliana.

  • Ulick

    Anglicized form of Uilleag.

  • Ulises

    Spanish form of Ulysses.

  • Ulisse

    Italian form of Ulysses.

  • Ulisses

    Portuguese form of Ulysses.

  • Ulla

    Diminutive of Ulrika.

  • Ulloriaq

    Means "star" in Greenlandic.

  • Ulman

    Ulman is a Germanic name and means "man from Ulm".

  • Ulric

    Originally this was a medieval form of the Old English name Wulfric meaning "wolf power".

  • Ulrica

    Feminine form of Ulric.

  • Ulrich

    From the Germanic name Odalric meaning "prosperity and power", from the element uodal "heritage" combined with ric "power".

  • Ulriikka

    Finnish feminine form of Ulrich.

  • Ulrik

    Scandinavian form of Ulrich.

  • Ulrika

    Scandinavian and German feminine form of Ulrich.

  • Ulrike

    German and Danish feminine form of Ulrich.

  • Ultan

    Means "of Ulster" in Gaelic.

  • Ululani

    Ululani originates in Hawaiian language and means "divine inspiration".

  • Uluwehi

    Uluwehi is a Hawaiian name that means "lush flourishing plants".

  • Ulvi

    Means "exalted, high" in Turkish.

  • Ulviye

    Feminine form of Ulvi.

  • Ulyssa

    Feminine form of Ulysses.

  • Ulysses

    Latin form of Odysseus.

  • Uma

    Means "flax" in Sanskrit.

  • Umar

    Means "populous, flourishing", derived from Arabic ('umr) "life".

  • Umberto

    Italian form of Humbert.

  • Ume

    Means "plum" in Japanese.

  • Umeko

    From Japanese (ume) "plum" and (ko) "child".

  • Umid

    Means "hope" in Uzbek.

  • Umida

    Feminine form of Umid.

  • Ümit

    Means "hope" in Turkish.

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Names between Uliana and Ümit that Begin with U. Uliana, Ulick, Ulises, Ulisse, Ulisses, Ulla, Ulloriaq, Ulman, Ulric, Ulrica, Ulrich, Ulriikka, Ulrik, Ulrika, Ulrike, Ultan, Ululani, Uluwehi, Ulvi, Ulviye, Ulyssa, Ulysses, Uma, Umar, Umberto, Ume, Umeko, Umid, Umida, Ümit, Names between Uliana and Ümit that Begin with U

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